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? ICloud Mail -how to much space do?? ICloud Mail -how to much space to solve?



  I believe accustomed to using Apple''s icloud-mail users will encounter such a situation: opening the iCloud space management, found the mail takes up a lot of space, but it can not be deleted, according to the official website description is to use mobile phones to log-mail or visit the Web version of iCloud click the mailbox to delete unwanted messages to free up space, but in fact, after landing-mail, but found no one inside the mailbox e-mail, so you can not solve the problem.So, the question about iCloud Mail space of exactly how to resolve it, do not know little friends, let''s download it small to give us a detailed talk about it!

  iCloud Mail space Detailed solutions:

  1, we need to prepare a good tool: Windows version of iCloud, Outlook 2016


  2, after the installation is complete log in iCloud, then check the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks".

  3, open Outlook login to your Apple mail (@iCloud.Ending com, can be viewed at Apple ID Apple''s official website).


  4. Next, we will see at the bottom left of your account, click on the Notes, to which mail can be deleted.Friends of the front, said the message content space is basically some of the deleted memo previous record of old documents.Therefore, before we can try to use this method to retrieve accidentally deleted memo.

  5. In addition, if the content to be deleted is not found in Notes inside, you can click a few options remaining, then selectively delete content, which is an irreversible operation, we need to be cautious.

  In fact, according to the instructions of Apple''s official website, users need to use the phone log or log-mail web version of iCloud, click the mailbox, you can delete the unwanted messages to free up space.But this situation is often unable to solve, because there is no mailbox information found inside after landing.We still have to try more than Tutorials.

  Well, that''s downloaded it small as we bring? ICloud Mail how to do too much space?? ICloud Mail how much space to solve?I hope you like it!

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