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? -how to find a micro-channel electronic documents



  ? How to find a micro-channel electronic documents?Let''s look at what are the micro-channel electronic documents documents

  Micro-channel electronic documents feature is formally launched, six months new ways Relay appear, wallet card package and can "get rid of", and all kinds of documents, cards can be in the WeChat "I - Card Pack" management.

  Fast chips junior partner, would probably have found: go out with a "driver''s license" on the WeChat, the school with "Campus Card", a doctor with the "visiting cards" social security payments with "social security card" or even readers cards, residence permits, etc. electronic documents can be used directly on the micro-channel, micro-channel type of electronic documents is still growing.


  Today, micro-channel official to take everyone to review these "electronic documents" in the use of skills:

  Driver''s license, driving license will be able to put micro letter with

  Driver''s license, driving license on the micro-channel card bag, go out properly properly.You can always inquire scoring micro-channel card bag, handle the relevant business.

  Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan faithful car of the three early "to go from" the.

  Forgot the old campus card will be lost?Afraid of

  With such a "virtual campus card", cafeteria, into the library, have no worries about recharging.This card supports balance inquiries, recharge, consumer inquiries, library loan inquiries, view the campus bulletin and other functions.

  East China Normal University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China University of Petroleum (East China), Hangzhou Electronic University students have been the first to experience it.

  I do not want to line up to see a doctor?Attendance cards coming to you

  Sick go to the hospital to queue worried enough.The use of "electronic visiting cards", not only to make an appointment in treatment, payment, medication, appointment inspection process, simply by showing electronic attendance cards to complete the corresponding procedures apply.

  Currently, West China Second Hospital, Guangzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Children''s Hospital of Chongqing, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People''s Hospital and the northern part of Guangdong People''s Hospital, support the "electronic visiting cards" close enough ~

  Often pay social security, but always can not find social security card?

  There are "electronic social security card" to worry more.By "virtual social security card" micro-channel card package, you can complete social security contributions in the micro-channel platform, the social security card information inquiry, subsidized employment application and other applications.

  Public Changsha and Chengdu region have used the.

  Like reading the welfare of people came: card readers

  Graduated people who want to go to the library, use the most appropriate card.It can help you achieve library search, books and renew due inquiry services, open micro-channel card pack, with it out of the library.

  Shanghai will soon be able to use the library.

  Complete review of these, no longer have to worry about a forgotten variety of certificate.

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