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ZUK Z1 U-Touch -how to fingerprint recognition tutorial is provided with ZUK Z1



  ZUK Z1 of the "U-Touch" button and Meizu phone mBack are echoes of a design, a set of keys to the traditional return key, Home key and menu key, also incorporates a fingerprint, let''s look together look ZUK Z1 how to use the U-Touch, and then look at how to set it fingerprinting.

  U-Touch how fingerprint provided with ZUK Z1

  One, found on ZUK Z1 desktop and click to enter [Settings].


  Second, enter the settings, click on the "U-Touch Settings", click [password] entry Fingerprints and fingerprints, fingerprint with most cell phones, the main role is to achieve fingerprint to unlock and fingerprint payment capabilities.



  Three, ZUK Z1 fingerprint set is relatively simple, as long as the interface to add fingerprint, finger placed repeatedly in the Home key fingerprint reward, and then stop to adjust the gesture, probably need to press 10 times.


  It is worth mentioning that.Fingerprint input speed is quite fast, and after a successful entry, fingerprint can unlock, official data showed that you can achieve 0.31 seconds to unlock.

  Of course a switch can be applied, U-Touch than the addition of the fingerprint recognition, also enables touch return key, Home key is pressed, double-back and the application can enter the sliding around.It can be said that these five features fully cover all the user''s daily operations, very convenient.

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