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ZUK Z1 -how to Screenshot Screenshot ZUK Z1 method summary



  Phone screenshot function has now increasingly become one of the most frequently used functions everyone, A picture is worth a thousand words, then how ZUK Z1 phone screen shot of it?Andrews used the phone a friend know for sure, Android phones have a screen shot shortcuts, download it below Xiaobian to teach you the screenshot method ZUK Z1.

  ZUK Z1 screenshots method: Shortcuts Screenshot

  ZUK Z1 while holding the power button [Volume] + [-] key button, then the screen referred to hear a sound or flashing described screenshots successful, this time to release the button, the screenshot images, may be phone album found.


  ZUK Z1 screenshot Method two: fast pull-down switch

  First screen need to stay in the screenshot of the interface, and then finger on the status bar area at the top of the screen, swipe down the screen to expand the taskbar, click [screenshot] to.


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