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ZTE V8 -how to?ZTE BladeV8 phone can do?



  ZTE on March 6 in Beijing released a smart phone ZTE Blade V8 a price of 1499 yuan has dual cameras (hereinafter referred to as ZTE V8), as well as from the main function of the price point of view, this phone seems to be V8 ZTE is committed to the popularity of smart phones dual cameras, so that everyone will be able to spend less money to get a better dual-camera experience, of course, the vision is good, but the reality of it?It will not be released as before ZTE ZTE secret 7 MAX (flagship naked eye 3D display, experience is poor) as flashy yet?Today will give you an answer.(This evaluation machine for the dark gray version)


  In terms of exterior design, the ZTE V8 can be called unique, highly personalized, of course, express this personal in the end can not be accepted by consumers, and to pay for it, which is not good to say.


  Got this phone at the beginning, the first feeling in addition to personality, 5.A 2-inch screen, 141g total body weight in the grip feel very comfortable, both to single-handedly control, and light as nothing.Even in soft sister and a man in the hand will not be tired hand feel.


  Well, we say look back to product a product personalized ZTE V8, and in the end you can not accept.


  ZTE V8 front fuselage uses a 5.2-inch screen, which we already mentioned above, the cover 2 on the screen.5D arc of glass, of course, this has nothing to say.Top of the screen on a very personal point of ZTE V8 did not know what to consider, the front camera design in the top right.Normally the front camera body are designed in the top, left or center position.


  And I looked at other models ZTE Blabe series, like ZTE Blabe A2 Plus full Netcom and front camera ZTE Blabe A1 to time on the left, while ZTE ZTE Blabe A2 Blabe V8 and the phone''s camera on the right side, this in a series of products, the position of front camera Huzuohuyou design approach, indeed, lost in the mind.


  In addition to the different positions of the front camera, a camera light circles outer half way around and take care of the configuration information of the black panel light circles incompatible, although below the screen bright joined Home key ring design, but this asymmetry, not only failed to reach a unified visual sense, but let the greater visual contrast.


  In fact, this design on a white surface contrast is not, but the relatively more obvious black panel.


  Other aspects, the fuselage above the left to right are a functional layout charging indicator, soft light front, photoreceptor, receiver and camera.Bottom of the screen is an entity Home key, Home key and back key on both sides of multi-tasking.

  Well, after reading the front fuselage let us look at the back of the fuselage, ZTE V8 back with a three-stage design, the upper and lower ends spliced using coloring material, intermediate metal materials.Of course, this mosaic form, the more popular this year thousand machines, and this is because of rising costs, so ZTE V8 engine is as a thousand dollars is nothing wrong with this form of design.


  Splice body back and plastics with concave upper line design, increased body back as the flu, a glimmer Smart, but also for the rear dual cameras make room.ZTE V8 horizontal arrangement using dual camera design, the overall position of the center.


  Other aspects, the front left side of the fuselage is sim slot, dual card dual standby, support entire network, a button body on the right, the top of the fuselage noise mic, 3.Jack, 5mm fuselage below the interface and the headset is charged uniformly distributed on both sides of the speaker aperture.

  Summary: ZTE V8 on the grip and control with one hand very good, but whether it can offset each other and personality design (asymmetric) it, then look at their own consumers weighed.


  ZTE V8 equipped with 8-core Snapdragon 435 processor (A53 1.4GHz x 4 + A53 1.0GHz X4), supplemented with 4GB + 64GB (support expanding) storage combination, running Android-based 7.0 depth optimization Mifavor 4.0.

  Well, we first look at the detailed parameters Xiaolong 435:

  Snapdragon 435 A53 core 8 use, as a high frequency.4GHz, GPU is Adreno 505, but is still 28nm LP process technology.Baseband upgrade to X8 LTE, supports the entire network standard, downlink uplink 100Mbps 300Mbps, bis support carrier aggregation 2x20MHz.And now VoLTE, HD Voice and other technologies are also supported.It also supports Bluetooth 4.1+ low-power technology, adds support for QC3.0 fast charging support.

  If the parameters detailed above you can not read, check it more directly.





  Xiaolong 435 runs in Ann Bunny evaluation software is divided into 45135 points, as I do not want to run sub-aspects do too much comment, after all, is just a reflection of running sub-form performance, but the actual experience is more convincing, here we or to see the game ( "king of glory") to experience how it.




  In the course of the game, in HD Mode game loading speed and the picture is not very smooth, occasionally Caton and delay, and the game appeared 10 minutes after the body fever cases.All mitigation in the above normal display mode has.

  Summary: CPU performance is not enough RAM to join in, although this approach to a certain extent, solve the problem and smooth, but when faced with large computing needs, Snapdragon 435 processor bit powerless.

  Camera performance

  In the photo, the same as the front camera 13 million pixels.Rear dual camera, the main camera 13 million pixels, the sub-megapixel camera.Functionally, the front camera support 10 beauty, support Smile Shot, support the front panorama.Rear camera more feature-rich, in addition to conventional camera, camera, dual camera mode is divided into the background and 3D virtual camera, rear camera, the same also supports super night, multiple exposure photography delay 8 function, optional function very much.

  Well ado, we still have to show the strength of ZTE V8 camera for everyone, right through photographs.

  Ado''s take a look at a group of bokeh







  To see such a blur, I am reminded of the publication thousand Yuan dual camera phone red rice Pro last year (primary: 13 million pixels, vice: 500 million pixels) phones bokeh effect and forms are almost the same.


  This photo above is in 3D proofs, how to see the 3D effect it, please take a look at a simple VR, that is, the box.






  Summary: In normal mode, the performance is not bad proofs, in addition to the overall brightness of the screen needs to be improved, the most noteworthy is the context of the large aperture blur is in place.

  Life and summary

  Life, Qualcomm Xiaolong 435 support QC3.0, but ZTE V8 comes with charger only 5V-1.5A, the charging power is only 7.5W, so ZTE V8 charging speed will be very slow, basically missed the charging and the use of fragments of time, or the sense of filling it.Battery capacity in the body, since the body size and the impact body thickness, only the mounted battery 2730mAh.

  Summary: In fact, as a price of 1,499 yuan smart phones, especially in the context of this year, the cost of a collective price increases, ZTE V8''s performance is good, the price is fairly conscience

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