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ZTE secret -how to configure 7s?What are the advantages of ZTE secret 7s?



  April 28 news, ZTE bring its security and participation in China Unicom mobile phone crowdfunding series of mobile phones, unveiled China Unicom information terminal Spring Fair.Among them, ZTE next-generation flagship secret 7s public debut, attracting much attention.

  ZTE 7s secret security phone using the "hardware platform + + + communication system," the encryption mode, the built-autonomous security chip, the chip after the State Encryption Administration certified hardware encryption for data terminals, including Internet telephony, information, e-mail high-sensitive applications can be encrypted.


  In actual use, ZTE secret 7s can be generated for every phone call and every text message different security keys, such as e-mail encryption, hardware protection from the transmission, storage, reading and other aspects of the message, even if only interception was illegal You can see garbled.

  In addition, the secure payment, the ZTE secret 7s equipped with the NFC function identifies the second-generation national ID card information, compatibility support NFC + eSE financial payment programs to ensure payment security.Phone built-in dual system security isolation, living, office system refers to a switch without disturbing each other.


  Configuration, ZTE secret 7s equipped with a Snapdragon 821 processor, 5.5 inches screen, rear 12 million +2000 million high-definition dual main camera, maintains a separate audio processing chip and dual speakers.For scenes work, ZTE secret 7s can achieve high-definition stereo audio, and real-time voice-to-text, available in 26 countries language translation for mobile office scene.


  ZTE has launched a mobile phone security market for government earlier this year, provides a more reliable security for government agencies and organizations.

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