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ZTE BladeV8 -how to?ZTE BladeV8 advantages and disadvantages Detailed graphics



  During MWC 2017, ZTE demonstrated include Blade V8, V8 Mini, V8 Lite, V8 Pro of several new machines.Beijing time on March 6, ZTE Blade V8 will take the lead in this product to China, we look together at this phone.


  And glory V8, as V9, Blade V8 the box can be folded into a simple VR glasses (Google Cardboard kind), phone box for this almost a one-time thing, this is definitely a good way to make use of waste.


  Blade V8 uses a 5.2 inches LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p, the front of the glass cover using 2.5D glass, plastic wrapped around the edge of the cover glass.


  Press the bottom of the screen is a fingerprint recognition module, ideal recognition speed, put out under basic click to complete the unlock screen.


  Fengyun touch the back button does not support a function or return home, both keys have a physical touch keys (blue backlight), and multi-task function are returned, two key functions may be reversed in arrangement.


  Blade V8 back cover uses a standard "three-stage" design, the middle is a metal, plastic top and bottom two are.Since Blade V8 design uses a similar chamfer millet of Max, looks from the side, can clearly see two different adapters plastic and metal materials.


  The bottom of the hole looks like a USB-C, but is actually a Micro USB.


  Blade V8 body thickness of 7.7 mm, be thin in the price of the phone, but it also leads when it is only 2730 mA battery capacity, heavy use may not adhere to the day specifications for the standard charging head 5V 1.5A.

  Following the high score screen, full metal body features such as dual cameras are also great popularity in Qianyuan Ji products momentum.


  Blade V8 main camera of 13 million pixels, the sensor thousand dollars machine in common Sony IMX258, secondary camera to 2.0 megapixels, for analog and bokeh 3D photo shooting, do not have some high-end dual camera models zoom function, the camera module protrudes slightly body.


  To test the Blade V8 background blur effects, we use Blade V8, vivo Xplay6 camera and the same object.


  ZTE Blade V8 shooting

  vivo Xplay6 shooting


  Fuji XT10 shooting, 18mm (equivalent 27mm), f / 2.8

  As can be seen, the physical XT10 large aperture blur effect significantly more natural, while Blade V8 vivo Xplay6 and the "PS blur" are more or less out of some flaws, in which the edge Blade V8 wild boar knight body mistakenly virtual out part, Xplay6 slightly better performance, the edges of the screen body to release more accurately, but it is easy to see an enlarged see flaws.


  Blade V8 front camera also reached 13 million pixels, and the sensors are the same rear main camera Sony IMX258, and equipped with a front-light.


  It is worth mentioning that, Blade V8 front and rear lights are adjustable brightness, luminance optional 7.


  Blade V8 SoC is used Xiaolong 435.8 is a CPU core Cortex A53, a high frequency.4GHz, GPU is Adreno 505,28 nanometer LP process.


  Nokia 430 Xiaolong, Xiaolong 435 performance without the use of other mobile phone compared to 6 variation, a major upgrade to upgrade X6 LTE to X9 LTE, high upload / download speeds of up to 100Mbps / 300 Mbps.With 4GB of memory on LPDDR3 and 64GB eMMC storage, Blade V8 smooth running micro-channel, microblogging and other everyday app lacks the problem, but the game can not expect too much of the performance.


  Although the SoC is not to force, but fortunately Blade V8 equipped with a new MiFavor 4.2 operating system based on Android 7.0, can be achieved, such as the original zoning screen multi-tasking, multi-tasking, double-click the button to switch the last two app functions.

  ZTE Blade V8 has been officially on sale, only 4GB + 64GB one size (silver gray two color) optional, priced at 1499 yuan.

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