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ZTE Blade V8 -how to?ZTE Blade V8 good?



  Thousand Yuan dual camera, extraordinary experience.ZTE held a theme of "immersive two-Marie taken," the Blade V8 media tasting in Beijing, to domestic consumers flagship dual camera phone fingerprint metal Blade V8.ZTE ZTE Blade V8 has been in mobile phone shop, Jingdong, Lynx ZTE ZTE official flagship store, Suning officially on sale, offers night gray, Hyun flash silver two color versions, priced at 1499 yuan.


  National phone ZTE Blade series has been with cost-effective and innovative experience to capture a large number of young users.Following the Blade A1, the fingerprint identification Blade A2, Blade A2 Plus long life, and now a national phone line again to inject fresh blood, Blade V8 for younger people and technology enthusiasts, has brought the popular dual camera function.


  Unlike the general market dual camera "color + black and white camera", Blade V8 rear two color lenses are.Which is responsible for the main camera to capture great shots, auxiliary camera is responsible for recording the depth of field and other shooting data.This makes Blade V8 with full depth of field recording picture information and data at the time of the shooting, to provide professional-level SLR bokeh photos.


  Meanwhile, ZTE Blade V8 also introduced the first camera, the focus feature that allows users to shoot photos, and then are free to choose the focus of the picture.Past users are not allowed to take pictures because the focus is always ahead of the game and, Blade V8 allows users to bid farewell to the era of focus is not on, you can after taking photographs, leisurely in the iris F1.0 ~ F8.Free adjustment between 0 shooting, focus, and easily implement any range of bokeh.


  After Blade A1 launch its own pre soft lights and beauty features five user selfie has been the favorite of the widely welcomed, Blade A2 has carried on this configuration.This, Blade V8 equipped with a positive 13 million camera, equipped with SONY IMX258 sensor, 5P professional lenses, F2.0 large aperture like configuration, with front while soft lights, not only to achieve soft selfie, further upgrading to 10 beauty, etc. Omnidirectional selfie.

  Not only that, Blade V8 in creative shooting, also has a three-dimensional shooting, HDR, slow motion, Xinggui shooting, delay shooting feature-rich, greatly enhancing the user to take pictures of playability.At the same time, wearing glasses about VR format, you can watch your captured distinct levels, dimension, color and rich detail of anaglyph.


  Blade V8 creativity everywhere, even the packaging is also creatively made into VR glasses form, while supporting 3D virtual reality experience, and built abundant resources VR.


  Blade V8 not only equipped with ultra-thin body and 2.5D screen, and uses the popular front fingerprinting, whole thickness of only 7.7mm, with excellent grip feeling.Performance, Blade V8 with 5.2-inch full high-definition large-screen, high-pass eight-core chip with 4GB + 64GB memory, to ensure smooth and efficient Blade V8 in control, application of.In addition, Blade V8 support next-generation high-definition Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and support for CA technology, mobile networks theoretical speeds of up to 300Mbps.


  Blade V8 is also equipped with the new Android N system, to provide users with more comprehensive and user-friendly operating experience: split-screen operation, bundled notification, traffic protection mode, and add support VR.

  As the first release in the United States, stunning debut on MWC''s overseas growth Strength, Blade V8 flagship camera, focused young, stylish user groups.Domestic releases in addition to exquisite appearance and powerful shooting features, Blade V8 also added a lot of localized experience, built an industry-leading intellectual voice, easy voice navigation and human-computer interaction, real-time language translation 23 22 country, let wisdom voice towards "practical school" from the ranks of former "entertainment group".

  Blade ZTE Blade V8 continues the series "National is committed to emerging technology of" the concept of dual camera will be led by the popularity of new technology to domestic consumers, which in turn is a national cell phone off the market.

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