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ZTE Blade V8 -how to?ZTE Blade V8 configuration parameters Introduction



  ZTE Blade V8 how to?ZTE Blade V8 configuration parameters Introduction.On MWC2017 shortly before the exhibition, ZTE released a new Blade V8 thousand Yuan phones, the flagship dual cameras, thousands of high cost and other characteristics.So how specifically the ZTE Blade V8 like it?With the ZTE Blade

  V8 state line version of the official on sale, today small to bring a complete resurgence Blade V8 configuration parameters with real machine diagram Tour, this phone interested friends may wish to understand the system under.

   ZTE Blade V8 how to configure?

  For intuitive understanding of this new machine, we first attach complete list ZTE Blade V8 configuration parameters, as follows:


  Previous ZTE phones tend to give a higher price, the cost is not enough outstanding features, but this ZTE Blade

  V8 continuation of previous cost-effective features of the V-series, dual cameras as a mainstream hardware configuration of the phone, priced in the thousands in his early, price is still outstanding.


  ZTE Blade

  V8 flagship dual cameras, rear 13 million +200 Wan two color camera, which is responsible for 13 million pixel main camera to capture great shots, 200W pixel camera depth of field deputy responsible for recording the depth of field and other shooting data, a better camera experience.In addition, 13 million-pixel front head, in the current thousand Yuan machine, also belong to a relatively high standard of.

  Also worth mentioning is that ZTE Blade V8 also uses a similar V8 glory of packaging design, packaging support via phone box composed of VR, VR user-friendly viewing video, rich gameplay.


  ZTE Blade V8 watch box support VR video.Once you understand the ZTE Blade V8 configuration parameters Finally, we look at ZTE Blade V8 tour map, and finally the appearance of a link.

  Home key fingerprint positive ZTE Blade Design

  V8 tushang

  Appearance, ZTE Blade

  V8 metal body design, currently has a dark gray, Hyun flash silver two kinds of color options, but also the subsequent black version Release.Front of the machine is equipped with the popular 2.5D curved front glass and fingerprint Home button design, the front design maturity.


  ZTE Blade V8 employed after the back metal shell similar to the three-stage design, wherein the dual camera located on the intermediate segment, good symmetry, to a certain extent, improved aesthetics back.The following is the ZTE Blade

  V8 real machine diagram Tour.


  ZTE Blade V8 facade


  ZTE Blade V8 is equipped with sophisticated fingerprint oval front Home button


  ZTE Blade V8 rear view picture


  ZTE Blade V8 tushang

  Detail, the data interface with the bottom of the speaker hole V8 ZTE Blade body is symmetrically designed to enhance the aesthetic design details.



  From a design point of view, ZTE Blade

  V8 performance is good, with a mature body with metal front fingerprinting Home key design, appearance, performance belongs to the relatively high value of the Yen in the thousand machine.Combined with dual cameras, camera experience relatively good price 1499 yuan, cost performance is very good, at the same price models also have a good competitiveness.

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