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ZTE -how to configure Hawkeye?ZTE Hawkeye parameter configuration details



  In the just-concluded CES2017 show, ZTE released a full participation by the user to build a mobile phone ZTE Hawkeye, Hawkeye namely ZTE, ZTE scene just to show a variety of aircraft design

  .Recently, with the official opening ZTE Hawkeye crowdfunding activities, ZTE announced the phone''s hardware specifications.So, how to configure like ZTE Hawkeye?Xiao Bian gave you a brief introduction ZTE Hawkeye parameter configuration.

  It is reported that Eagle ZTE mounted Qualcomm Xiaolong processor 625, a storage composition of 3GB + 32GB, 256GB large storage expansion support, using 5.5 inches Full HD display, dual card dual standby, built-in 3000mAh battery, support for fast charging, and the use of USB

  Type-C interface, support for fingerprint identification.


  ▲ user can control the screen depend on the eyes

  The machine is relatively large bright spot is camera configuration, the rear main camera is a camera of a combination of 12 million pixels and 13 million pixels, support optical zoom, pre-8000000 pixel camera, added a special eye-tracking technology that allows the user to rely on the eyes can control screen, called the aircraft''s black &.

  Design, ZTE will provide 15 different colors, with full respect for the consumer''s mind, Another official also said that the current design is not a certainty, there is still much space for change.

  Currently, ZTE Hawkeye has begun on the well-known international crowdfunding crowdfunding website Kickstarter, priced at US dollars (about 1380 yuan) 199, it is expected to be officially shipping in September 2017.

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