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ZTE -how to about a small fish 5?ZTE little fresh 5 configuration parameters



  ZTE how about a small fish 5?ZTE little fresh 5 configuration parameters.We can see, ZTE little fresh product positioning 5 from the name, is playing the youth market.As Dan thousand Yuan price of mobile phones, ZTE to some extent on millet and Huawei also had a lot of competitive pressure.So how about ZTE ZTE little fresh 5 5 configuration which small fish?With a look.

     ZTE how about a small fish 5?ZTE little fresh 5 configuration parameters

  Appearance: large-size screen lightweight metal body

  Because it is the main youth market models, so little fresh 5 ZTE is also a breakthrough in body color, in addition to the traditional gray (dark gray), gold (elegant gold), but also added a special blue (glacier blue) and green (grass green) two special colors. Small fresh air should be able to attract the attention of many young people.


  Overall, fresh feel 5 ZTE small rounded, thin texture, 5-inch screen size is moderate .Although the entry-level model, but ZTE little fresh 5 in the configuration is not shabby.Front of the phone: 5.0 inches screen with 2.5D glass arc grades improved a lot, the front touch feel very "mellow".Top of the screen followed by light sensor, and receiver front lens.Bottom of the screen using the traditional three virtual button design.


  ZTE small fish back 5 with an integrated metal body, through a special coating process, feel very good back of the phone ten.The most prominent is the back of the fuselage of a small fish configuration 5 two-camera, two centrally arranged parallel lens pitch 20mm, can bring more superior depth of field.Below the fingerprint recognition sensor camera is easy and quick to unlock.In addition, small fresh series of iconic LOGO and ZTE and the words "small fresh" hollow design, superior to a lot of printed forms.


  ZTE little fresh frame design and iPhone6 5 than similar design below the sound loud speaker and microphone, charging data ports come with traditional Micro USB interface, the application is still very wide.3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the fuselage design, but in order to save costs, does not come with a random headphone.


  Power key and a volume key located on the right side of the body, SIM card, memory card expansion slot and the left side of the fuselage, small fish ZTE dual standby dual card 5, and to 128GB storage expansion (occupies one slot).

  Performance: camera + games are an ace


  Mobile product development up to now, is no longer a contest on performance parameters, taking into account the fluency is more controlled process.


  ZTE little fresh 5 equipped with the popular dual camera configuration, with other brands vary is centrally located two cameras in parallel, according to the official explanation, two shot a 13 million-pixel main camera, a 2.0 megapixel secondary camera responsible for controlling the depth of field can be achieved coke blur.

  On the whole, ZTE little fresh 5 as a price of only 999 yuan of the "Getting Started" mobile phone, the overall performance of remarkable.Design details and shell material beyond the desired level machine thousand dollars.5-inch screen color, touch-responsive, 2.5D glass to enhance the overall mobile phone "grade".Because this product is equipped with dual cameras popular, so the ability to take pictures on the outstanding performance, quality meet the requirements of most people.The functions of the application, ZTE little fresh 5 to meet the basic needs of common.But ZTE little fresh 5 in the power and endurance metal shell phone or cooling problem can not be ignored, need to pay attention.

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