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Zombie War Zombie War online -how to play online play Raiders _2



  Zombie World War how to play online?Zombie War is a multiplayer online game play, players can form online through the ranks in the game, but we know how to play okay in Online?The following small series of zombies brought World War Raiders play online for everyone, with a look.

  Zombie War Online play Raiders


  About Zombies

  Normal mobs:

  Casual play, try to begin with, under the circumstances shot a low latency.

  Gas blame:

  Try killed before he rushed out, otherwise it will disrupt the stations.


  Fat before driving there will be action step on the floor, when he stepped on the floor and beat him while driving will reduce the damage, so try all starts with full grade assault rifle 40 shots can kill.

  Screaming Zombie:

  Heading 2 gun casually playing dead, usually appear in high-rise.


  This fight should be noted that most of the brush in the corner of the room left / right hand side, a large number of left-handed chance currently experiencing, beat him into the room when I remember to look left or right to withdraw, he will not be rushed directly, as far as possible 2 people into the room together in time to save, not to be rushed to bite, then hurt the ordinary.



  Challenge recommended five-star line-up:

  Nurse -20 level.

  Annihilation / Repair Level -20.

  Gunmen have full grade level and above -20 rifle.

  Wang cut the -30 level.

  This is the attempt by the best fit down five-star lineup.

  All weapons suggestion is, do not be too concerned about damage weapon with a silencer, the silencer can help you avoid many cases is the siege of the mobs.


  Weapons recommendations:

  Full level rifle> game brush rifle> submachine gun.

  Not recommended to use a sniper rifle, the bullets too little, too slow to clear blame, can only play with the boss, dead tide Hunzi gun.

  Submachine gun recommended station front ranks or bring up the rear position, remote starts will float, so try to pull away in the fight.

  The concept of distance is in Chapter IV, Section start to the farthest right-hand corner, a little further submachine gun starts will definitely float, conducted experiments.

  Pistol fact not very useful, when you have a main weapon silencer pistol basically brought up about the main weapon the bullet did not free period.

  Recommended stations

  Repair / or annihilate the station first king of the first cut, cut proposal is king, the king cut melee talent can reduce injury, and the range of mass destruction, can reduce the consumption of ammunition team, full of class five-star king cut mobs are difficult to cut knife.

  Second gunman or other output, need to quickly help the team a lot of damage output rifles, grenades remember playing dead unless otherwise tide do not litter, do not be greedy talent.

  Milk soldiers third place, mainly to see the rear, the way to help make up the front row damage, try to make milk and milk teammates soldiers eat blood bag, to be able to ensure their own safety injection blood.

  After the cut Dian, the king cut this career or hate hate the front face stun gun halo boss, or is holed up in the last bit of milk Bao Bao output, try not to cut the king greedy knife, easy to steal mobs A, fatigue cut it back to finish fatigue and other teams, and then continue to cut.



  Add a little talent still try, at present not so much gold to go over all the points.

  General troop of soldiers milk, then add the output would all hate to high damage.

  No milk soldiers, then try to improve the viability.

  Chapter One need only proper clearance stations can be very good too, too much trouble, only 12 goods trains.

  Chapter II clearance, then take a little fit, side walk takes about milk soldiers, gunmen stand together and cut the king, annihilate / it can repair the basic guarantee hold, restrain wheat roar, then open teammates to help.

  Chapter III clearance required silencer!Silencer!Silencer!This chapter out of position a few pictures mobs are scattered, so try to clear mobs silencer weapons.

  Chapter two pictures teammates need clearance on both sides of the main one after the other, extremely dependent on supplies props!listen clearly!Is extremely!Because there is no perfect mobs can get stuck all the points, it is easy to put the corpse tide come in strange analogy, there are buses to escort the corpse tidal wave, a tidal wave of strange corpse in front of the abandoned vehicle location only heap, all supplies items can be taken to keep No. 2 with 1.

  Other miscellaneous

  Running is also a fatigue!People will gasp!So you''ll soon run himself while walking!

  Not to zombie is not disturbed by shift walk!Unless you went to his face, usually about 4-5 meters zombies will not have aggro on you (did not test specific examples, but the feeling of playing time approximate distance).

  When you start all the mobs do not aggro, you can use a pistol point out, is not ready to start to avoid no stations DOT.

  Five Star difficulty resurrection time of 180 seconds. If his teammates fell to the ground as much as possible to pull fast, ask his teammates time to walk the resurrection of the task flow.

  Under no circumstances may a timely blood bag directly kill low blood teammates no reply, the premise was to ask, a good discussion, so that the new scene teammates will direct the resurrection, for example, down the elevator, for example, the third chapter of the Moscow Museum trigger out after the tasks can be directly teammate resurrection.

  These are small as we bring the Raiders play online zombie world war, hope to help the players.

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