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[Type design] Interpretation of Chinese font design ideas



  Methods vary widely in type design, the only way to not only one, so I hope you can be a lot of guidance.The focus of this tutorial is that the accumulation process, develop aesthetic method, it is not for one type of font design, and no knowledge of a lot of specific software operation.

  There is a mind worlds, pen will have a wider world.

  This means that no matter what type of design is done, should be a prior conception.For example, before publishing, illustration or design a poster making, and my heart must have an idea in advance, mind beforehand what style will be finished.And my heart have a clear idea, it will not hesitate to write, so as to put only sense ideas into real pixels and lines.Chinese font design especially, should Chinese characters shape, there is a full understanding of the structure before making font design, heart-shaped accumulation of more, write naturally a very smooth."Reading break rolls, getting a God," said is the truth.

  From the start of copying

  Sketch shaped like copying paintings, we describe things in the sketch, the proportion of research object, structure and lighting changes, study the passage of light and dark, color change in color sketch, the distance and shades, much has accumulated, it to achieve the degree of dictation, and then to paint and create worlds of their own hearts.In font design, the accumulation is equally important.Rules can explore fonts from the copy, the font for aesthetic culture, lay the foundation for the ability to hand-drawn fonts.The crucial point is that many of the subtleties of the font, after tracing only personally, to discover, to learn through after copying stuff is much more than a simple fly.The appreciation is simply "know", then copy the analysis is "know why".

  Times New Roman font can start copying start, smooth vertical and horizontal strokes Arial, structure CKS calm, Dayton pen and pen have some decoration, is one of the most common printing Fonts.When the copy is relatively easy, it does not require much compared to regular script and running script calligraphy foundation.Song started from further copying other fonts, such as the official script, regular script, Xiaozhuan, italics, etc..The more copy of the font, the font differences derived from the common, understand the impact of the stroke characteristics of the character fonts.Get rid of these common font types, carving is a quite important categories, carving is a method very particular about the layout and black and white art, calligraphy characteristic, but also the integration of the blade, from which you can learn a lot in type design.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105253pl88jroza0rbjl9r.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105253pl88jroza0rbjl9r.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 1.jpg "title =" 1.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  English copy the font is also a very important part of.Latin alphabet because the structure is relatively simple Chinese, on the processing lines and space compared to the Chinese, there are many differences.Local Times New Roman and Helvetica were used as representative of a non-serif and sans serif, there are many differences in the details of the stroke, but there are literally identical in size processing, a lot of space.English font is simple structure, but serif, pen collection, handling negative space there are many extremely delicate place.Many details are non-tracing personally can not fathom.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105257d4wx96rr90593590.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105257d4wx96rr90593590.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 2.jpg "title =" 2.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  Addition to Chinese and English standard typefaces removed at any time we can also see interesting copy fonts down.Such as magazine titles, movie posters, and other brand Logo.Learning font design is very simple, as long as there is paper pen at hand, anytime you can graffiti, whim, picked easily.Describe when you can make yourself, can be a little strict.The focus is to grasp the style and personality.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105300zrt8nz5f5q3zh8si.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105300zrt8nz5f5q3zh8si.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 3.jpg "title =" 3.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  Learning from the copy

  Can learn by copying the font characteristics, belong to the appearance of study, then study Why would such representation, why should designed so that they belong to a higher level of learning.Through careful observation and study of the law of copying we can learn by analogy, to get a deeper understanding.

  Learning feature strokes

  Stroke is the most basic unit of composition of Chinese characters, the font character stroke feature is the most intuitive performance.In the process of deconstruction copy of the Chinese characters, the details start to understand the most subtle and meticulous strokes of the Department, such as Times New Roman, pen, pen Dayton, turning, left, flick Jie wealth of many subtle changes, lines, or tough, or soft, or Gangrouxiangji.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105302qu29g2k0ep2mni22.gif "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105302qu29g2k0ep2mni22.gif "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 4.gif "title =" 4.gif "w =" 650 "/>

  Learning spatial structure strokes

  Most Chinese characters for the phonetic word, there are many structures.Stroke combined into a radical, and then combined into a kanji radical.To coordinate between the stroke and a stroke, but also between the various radicals in proportion, symmetry black and white, thereby forming a balance as a whole.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105303ds93ys3bv3r9qpj7.gif "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105303ds93ys3bv3r9qpj7.gif "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 5.gif "title =" 5.gif "w =" 650 "/>

  Learn literal size

  Literally the size of the text refers to the visual area.Another standard font design is good or bad depends also on whether it was compatible with multiple text and balanced.Because the structure is relatively simple letters, we could start with helvetica font, for example, to explain the literal size.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105304rrcpvz3i7mz7aqap.gif "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105304rrcpvz3i7mz7aqap.gif "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 6.gif "title =" 6.gif "w =" 650 "/>

  Figure above "zero" four-letter lowercase, where I hit two auxiliary lines, letters e and o have found a small portion beyond the height x.In addition, r sum also slightly hit a little higher.This is because the e and o a circular shape, and the visual z is rectangular in shape, at the same height, it has a circular shape than a rectangular area greater visual.For rectangular and circular (i.e. z and e) forming a symmetrical visual, it is necessary to increase the height corresponding circular (i.e. e),.The letter r is the reason curve.There are also other visual processing not one example of the shape of.

  Chinese characters and English letters compared to strokes much more, and more complex structures, in dealing with the literal size there are many details to pay attention.Next we Founder Lanting black case study to analyze the size of the Chinese character literal manner.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105305rvqd0xz0dd07tlzb.gif "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105305rvqd0xz0dd07tlzb.gif "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 7.gif "title =" 7.gif "w =" 650 "/>

  Although it is known as the Chinese characters Chinese character, but many Chinese characters are not typical rectangle.The figure above "Order" is a rhombus word, "China" hexagon, "lower" and the word "the" word is triangular."Order" "in" "lower," "upper" part has four words beyond the bounding box of FIG..The method of processing a case where the same width and height, diamond visual area is much smaller than a square, and the "field" is relatively restrained, "order" relative putting the word, in other words is the same.And "lower" relative to the center of gravity by the word, "the" word on the lower center of gravity, therefore, "lower" word center of gravity, move on "upper" word focus.

  Emotion and conception

  Font design purpose is to express emotion and personality.Different line strokes, different thickness of the black and white to create a vivid flesh and blood fonts.Ideographic text is the most basic function, the performance of emotion and personality, while ideographic fonts are designed to sense where.For example, the following figure "Happy Story," center shape, use the plus and round it makes the whole font rendering a warm, playful taste, at the same time expressing the meaning of the font itself will have a character.In the use of "100% fantasy adventure" in Gothic font style, font and exaggerated spiral brush strokes express a taste of fantasy.Right figure is designed Bing g "distant unknown", though it looks neat style uniform stroke in the details of the font, but showing the structure but flavor handwriting body, and the slight tilt of the stroke end scattered open shaped structure like in a notebook graffiti, tell their minds.Font and everyone else has a unique personality, a good font design far to convey the emotion before to identify semantic, like the same "red lips did not laugh first heard Kai" to create a gas field, the head start.(Above evaluation are my personal views, I hope the original author do not take offense)


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105307kx4djljnb8422xo9.gif "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105307kx4djljnb8422xo9.gif "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 8.gif "title =" 8.gif "w =" 650 "/>

  Attention to detail to break the routine

  Founder elegance Song is a very nice font, Founder and elegant, typical features have Times New Roman.The drop point type, horizontal painting pen collection at the triangle.And yet elegant quasi-created characters Kobo Song then these features has been improved, removing some decorations, making fonts more stylish, more contemporary.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105309bzf5guvcmi7zecdj.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105309bzf5guvcmi7zecdj.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 9.jpg "title =" 9.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  Font designer Donald told his students: "I do not care what the rules are, I know there are a lot of rules, but my criteria is that it looks like what would happen, to be polished over and over again, until looks impeccable."(This text excerpt from Tencent CDC) play a role in many of the rules and instructions guide early learning, but when designed into a bottleneck when it is necessary to break the rules.When the rule theory and their eyes diverge, please believe my eyes.In order to express emotion and personality, in order to look comfortable, all rules can be broken.

  Hand-drawn fonts method

  Hand-painted is the most direct and convenient method for a copy of the font.A method commonly used in hand-painted individual is to draw a box, the literal definition of a good size and aspect ratio of the font, set a good central point (some people are painting swastika grid, some people are drawing and word lattice meters squared); after the draw a good grid start delineate the basic strokes architecture, which is the bone, this step is quite an important step to determine the basic structure of the text; the next step is to draw the outline of strokes, bone relative to this step is flesh and blood, draw after the stroke profile of the entire text starts to look full, flesh and blood; after the last step is to fill in black, filled with black font will contrast on black and white space can be more visually see the overall structure is uniform strokes.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105311bo7984rey3owzgyv.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105311bo7984rey3owzgyv.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 10.jpg "title =" 10.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  Font design steps

  Speaking in front of the process are accumulated, then to me who designed the typeface for example to talk about the steps the practical work to design a font.Here I used the software illustrator.

  You can first freely outline some preliminary thoughts on paper, not for the fine, as long as the draw general meaning and structure can, think of what to draw.The benefits of hand-painted sudden inspiration can be presented at any time on paper, ideal for thinking brainstorming.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105313yaor8szual3zp5nj.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105313yaor8szual3zp5nj.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 11.jpg "title =" 11.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  Then you can continue to optimize hand-painted artwork on the front of the draft, you can also go to the beginning of design software.There are many different design methods based on stroke font styles.For example, the following typeface is necessary to use this combination method.Because this typeface horizontal and vertical painting painting width varies, horizontal painting of the end of a slight tilt, curvature of the curve has a fixed arc, flick and write-strokes are not the same when bent, in order to ensure consistency last font style consistent, we need to ensure that the stroke style.Thus, components can be first stroke to draw out the multiplexing, then combined into one component word stroke adjusting font combination resulting structure.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105315ddmtgxf2hll1x520.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105315ddmtgxf2hll1x520.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 12.jpg "title =" 12.jpg "w =" 650 "/>


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105317ljzmplskmosmooxz.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105317ljzmplskmosmooxz.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 13.jpg "title =" 13.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  Another way I temporarily called bold stroke Law.This method is suitable stroke thickness consistent with not too many strokes font details.Created characters such as fashion studio in black and Jane Wyatt black belong to this category.DETAILED step is to use the pen tool tick stroke bones and bold strokes, stroke after converting to the contour, and finally adjust the spacing edging.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105321i9pmsqt6npxznz9p.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105321i9pmsqt6npxznz9p.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 14.jpg "title =" 14.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  The last method is hand-painted Act.Is the direct draw full font design draft on paper, then scanned into the computer, and then use the software to delineate contours.Many calligraphy font design method and this is very similar, calligraphy artwork is scanned into the software, and then delineate the contours.This method focuses on the more extreme random strokes style font, style does not seek consistent strokes.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105325n6jy0dkkyma9a99l.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105325n6jy0dkkyma9a99l.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 650 "alt =" 15.jpg "title =" 15.jpg "w =" 650 "/>

  Explore a greater variety of expression

  Font design mentioned earlier are basically shaped design, in practical application can also be extended to the use of space and materials.Because the online search to case studies on Chinese font design is relatively small, and here I put a piece of his work make up the numbers.


  zoomfile = "data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105333si9k1k2lf9x2lku9.jpg "

  src = "http: // / data / attachment / forum / 201405/30 / 105333si9k1k2lf9x2lku9.jpg "class =" zoom "onclick =" zoom (this, this.src, 0, 0, 1) "width =" 669 "alt =" 16.jpg "title =" 16.jpg "w =" 669 "/>

  Font design is not to look at a few tutorials you can learn, and it''s a lot of emphasis on the accumulation and exercise.The film tutorial only focus on developing and practice basic skills aesthetically, without involving specific software operation method.After reading this article are not necessarily learned to type design, I am here simply to provide a method, or at least cause for everyone interested in type design.The best result is that there will be a lot of people to share their insights for font design.Chinese font design in China is still very immature belong to a category, there are more people who can develop better on this category of interest, font design industry.

  Finally, to recommend a book "logo and typeface design of the Bible", although the book is focused on the English font design, but there is a lot to learn from the design of the method, also contains a lot of history and related terms on the font development, etc. method of knowledge, in the last book, there are many design and font-related operations illustrator.

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