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[IR action figure] scrolling text animation [ImageReady] excellent tutorial



  Scrolling text animation [ImageReady]

  Author: Chi sky high tutorials Source: Impression

  photoshop forum: (http: //

  Also used the last clip here masks, make a text scroll slowly disappear along with the effect of.but.This made animated GIF file is too big, a few hundred KB.flash to do so should be the level of KB.-_- #. Not very practical, but the method of introduction.

  1.New file, filled with black background (hēi sè), a text tool (T) pulled out of a text box on the canvas, the input (shū rù) text (text color does not matter).


  2.A new layer, then press Ctrl Shift M, handover to PS, came up with a gradual gradient such a tool (G), text color is gray. (P.s.Because there is no IRCS Gradient tool, so to go to the neighborhood -__- PS #)


  3.Press Ctrl Shift M to switch back to IR, hold down the Alt key and click the text in the middle of the layer 1 and layer (which is a shortcut to create a clipping mask).


  4.Look at the results:


  5.Now make scrolling animation, the text onto the canvas at the bottom and did not show up


  6.Create a new frame, the text onto the top, it does not show up


  7.Selecting a first frame, a "transition" button on the panel animation, transition insert 70 (fewer frames scrolling speed), in front of the said method.OK, the animation is complete


  Simple (jiǎn dān), we teach you, esoteric, you share

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  29 tutorial network to remind you, this tutorial has ended!

  === === tutorial material prompted to open ps, follow the tutorial to do it again, do renderings can: submit jobs.Tutorials have not read where you can post questions to the forum: ps help

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