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[FIG moving the IR] Production peristaltic frame animation tutorial



  When you create wireframe construction site creeping animation, compact design, full of dynamic pages Logo can always be considerably.Perhaps some friends met around a circle Logo thin dotted line around slowly creeping effect Logo.

  In fact, this effect is cheating with a visual realization of common Photoshop and ImageReady.Here we have to explore ways of making such creeping dashed box.

  [Img] [/ img]

  Run your Photoshop, open the document you make a good Logo (Figure 1).You can use a picture here (tú piàn) instead.


  figure 1

  First, expand the size of the canvas

  1.Logo After opening the file, the image (tú xiàng) only a background layer, because we need its outline, it can not be extended directly on the canvas layer.In the Layers panel, double-click the blank area to the right of the Background layer, in the pop-up dialog box, click the OK button, you can convert the background layer to a normal layer Layer 0.Double-click the name of the layer, name it "Logo".Ctrl-click the bottom panel of the New Layer button in the "Logo" Layers New Layer Layer 1 below.

  2.Then select the menu command "Image (Image (tú xiàng)) → Canvas Size (canvas size)", to the unit length in the dialog Pixels, Relative check box, Width and Height was increased 40 pixels, holding Records the default intermediate position (FIG. 2).The results of this operation is to make the canvas in four directions up and down the 20 pixels are increased, the space opened up our following steps.


  figure 2

  Second, the production of the pattern used to fill the background

  1.Menu command "File (File) → New (New)" a new 8 × 8 pixels, the background color is white file.To be able to see that we can press the "Ctrl ''''" key several times, the enlarged view of the file to a suitable proportion (lì) to facilitate handling.Selection rectangle selection tool (shortcut key M), in the upper left corner to draw a side length of 4 pixels square box, then hold down the Shift key, to add a lower right corner of the same box.

  2.Check the current foreground color to default black (hēi sè), if not you can press the D key to restore it to the default.Press the "Alt BackSpace" key using a black foreground color (hēi sè) fill the selection (xuǎn qū), then press "Ctrl D" key to cancel the selection (FIG. 3).


  image 3

  3.Select the menu command "the Edit (Edit) → Define Pattern (defined pattern)," name in the dialog box for the new pattern is a "checkered", then press the OK button to save custom pattern.

  Third, the production dashed box

  1.Logo back to the file is located, in the Layers panel, select the layer below the Layer 1, and then select the menu command "Edit (Edit) → Fill (filling)", select Use Pattern fill in the dialog box, the drop-down list below select "checkered" pattern we have just custom, the remaining options to keep the default value (Figure 4).


  Figure 4

  2.After the determination, Layer 1 and the layer is densely filled checkered regular (FIG. 5, in the FIG. "Logo" Hidden Layer).In the Layers panel, click on the bottom panel of the New Layer button to create a blank layer Layer 2.Hold down the Ctrl key and click the "Logo" layer, its profile as a selection (xuǎn qū) loaded.Then select the menu command "the Select (Select) → Modify (change) → Expand (extended)", the input (shū rù) in the dialog box 1, press the OK button, the selection (xuǎn qū) a pixel will expand outwardly.Press "Ctrl Shift I" key, the selection (xuǎn qū) Reverse.Confirmed that the current layer is the Layer 2, press the "Ctrl BackSpace" key, fill the background color of white selection (xuǎn qū).The Layer 2 Layer named "white side".Press "Ctrl D" key to cancel the selection, see dotted box around a circle appeared Logo (FIG. 6).


  Figure 5


  Image 6

  Four, so that each side of the dashed line independently

  Now you must have (yǐ jīng) see to understand, this is false dashed box, where barely tolerable camouflage, is to make the background pattern by a 1-pixel-wide gap exposed part, if it would be very difficult to move.what can we do about it?We continue to use the cover-up - the background to correspond with four four sides, respectively,.

  1.Layers in the panel, the layer Layer 1 is dragged onto the button bottom panel new layer, a new layer of the copy layer Layer 1 Copy.Copy operation was repeated twice, to obtain the full four identical "checkered" pattern layer.Selection tool to select single column of pixels, the enlarged image (tú xiàng) to view the appropriate ratio (lì), click the left Logo on the dotted line, a broken line where the straight line all the selected article.

  2.In the Layers panel, select the layer Layer 1, and then click on the bottom panel of the Add Layer Mask button, the result will add mask (Mask) an almost all black (hēi sè) for that layer, only Logo white dotted line on the left side where the straight line, that is to say the layer Layer1 is visible only on that straight line.Subsequently, the same principle, namely the use of single row and single column of pixels pixel selection tool Select tool above the Logo, the right and below the dashed line, followed by adding the remaining three layers patterned mask (Mask).

  3.At this time, there is no change Logo On the surface, it actually surrounds been dashed box (yǐ jīng) is composed of four parts of the.You can hide a layer, check if this is true.The four layers corresponding pattern portions, respectively, are designated as "left", "upper", "right" and "lower" (FIG. 7).


  Figure 7

  Fifth, let dotted line moving up in ImageReady

  1.Our preparations have been (yǐ jīng) done the following to switch to animation in ImageReady.Press the bottom of the toolbox jump button, ImageReady automatically (zì dòng) run, and automatically (zì dòng) loaded file we just prepared, and the layer and mask (Mask) and other elements all stay the same.

  2.Animation on the panel, can see a current image (tú xiàng) automatically (zì dòng) becomes the first frame of the animation.Click button to copy the current frame, will be established with the same frame of the first frame section 2 (FIG. 8).Select tool move in the Layers panel, select the layer "left", pressing the ↑ arrow button to move it upward by one pixel.Then move one pixel to the right, respectively, layer "on," layer "right" moves by one pixel downward, the layer "lower" one pixel to the left.


  Figure 8

  3.Image (tú xiàng) from the point of view, like a dashed box clockwise squirm a bit.Then copy the second frame to frame 3 in the Animation panel, using the same method again let it creep dashed box in a clockwise direction.The process is repeated until the frame 8 production is completed.We produced in the previous pattern is the basic unit of 8 pixels, 10 pixels per frame, 8 can cycle just after.

  Sixth, and finally setting

  1.ImageReady default setting is 0 seconds per stop frame animation, we need to change this value.In the Animation panel, click the first one to select it, then hold down the Shift key and click the first 8, 8 animation Select All.Click on any one of the following residence time drop-down menu, select 0.1 second, then the residence time of all the frames to all 0.1 second (Fig. 9).


  Figure 9

  2.Our animation has (yǐ jīng) production is over, the following should be set for the output file.Optimize the panel on the chosen Setting GIF Web Palette, particularly to keep the default settings (Figure 10).



  3.The file can be output as a GIF animation after the menu command "File (File) → Save Optimized (Save Optimized as)", select the directory in the dialog box, name the file, select the type Image Only, save.Open the animated GIF image (tú xiàng) View software, or to insert it into the page using a web browser open, you can see we have a creeping Logo dashed box (Figure 11).Depending on the need, we can also dashed box outside the white border into other color or cut off, in order to meet the needs of more Web design and production.



  Well, the animation is over.Now that you have (yǐ jīng) we see that this whole process is to achieve a textbook on a visual deception, just to find out the idea, making the process extremely simple (jiǎn dān).As long as we open up the idea of the same patients (lì) child can make a variety of ways dashed box to squirm.(End) simple (jiǎn dān), we teach you, esoteric, you share

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