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You do not know the secret tutorial iPhone input method



  Baidu mobile phone input method iPhone version from the original input to meet the basic needs, and now a full range of emotional input experience, has experienced more than 10 versions of metamorphosis.With the experience and improve function and has also been a growing number of users favorite, it has become the best input method used on the iPhone.

  你所不知道的iPhone输入法秘密 三联

  For its experience design is a process of gradual improvement:

  Experience from basic construction (available) - upgrading experience (ease of use) - to meet the needs of the user deep (with love), which is available from a user to allow ease of use, and to love with the process.


  Input method, especially the iPhone platform input method is a highly integrated system of product required, the design process is to have a good experience, but also must follow the restrictions.How to break the restrictions, the restrictions do better experience in?Then it will say three levels above how to solve the problem we face limitations in the design:

  The basis of experience building (available)

  Early product development, the most important basis of experience, which is the basis to ensure that users are willing to remain in the product.

  Experience limited basis

  We consider the beginning of a lot of keyboard design, he says these are limited, it is more for the user to think a little bit.

  1, thus reducing the costs of adaptation: because the input method is a system tool, in iOS platform is to install the jailbreak, so when users want to use a minimum psychological burden, to maintain focus on the degree of user input, ignoring the feeling of third-party APP, to ensure enter experience.

  2, compatible with the design: input method may be used by any app called, so be sure to make sure the input method can be well compatible with a variety of visual and interactive dimension app.


  Standing on the shoulders of giants we can stand tall, so the initial visual keyboard to select the keyboard style fusion system, and optimized for its own characteristics on the basis of.After such a direction in front of some of the problems can be solved also.From this point we do a lot of design and research practice.

  Breaking point: + constantly trying to study evidence

  Keyboard Design Experiment 9: 9 keyboard input method is Baidu highest rate user keyboard input effective than the 26-key layout system.


  So it''s better to experience the best experience to the user.Here a lot of experimental design, including a keyboard color experiment, experiment key spacing and shape, the keyboard input mode indication Experiment.

  Experimental Example key spacing to form:


  The keyboard keys may be rounded, there may be a gap between the right angle, and the key button can not.But in the end what kind of approach is customer satisfaction and efficient letting it?

  Here we have done a lot of experiments designed to try various forms of arrangement.Finally, the students study the actual testing by the user, the conclusion:


  1. Under certain circumstances the hot zone, the shape of the button, the higher the accuracy of the key.

  2. The larger the key area, the faster the speed of the user''s input.

  Therefore, the need to take into account the input speed and accuracy, requires a certain distance between the key.And fillet morphology keyboard keys and the system 26 is closest to the input consistent feel.Sharply demarcated and raised keys feel more clicks, can effectively alleviate the psychological pressure when user input.

  Finally, after the previous study design plus after repeated attempts we have adopted a "rounded corners keyboard spacing" effect.

  Upgrading experience (ease of use)

  Breaking point: From the user point of pain

  Basic function has to meet the needs of users, but whether the underlying feature allows users comfortable with?This requires continued optimization.

  Icon semantic optimization:

  Because many internal functions of the special nature of input methods, user errors may exist in the awareness and understanding of some of the features icon.In urgent need of users and learning costs icons for further optimization, reduced after satisfy basic needs input.

  Restrictions: The biggest limitation here is that the function of a particular user input is not cognitive, and display space limitations icon may not appear with explanatory text.


  Breakthrough way: to create a rule based on the optimization of the icon itself can be identified to help users understand the.

  1, when the position of the limited space allowed by way of icons and text bound.

  2, the user frequently used icons and familiar icons using icon of.

  3, for the unusual and unfamiliar icons icon, to ensure that users identify as a priority, adding text instructions.


  Important features Front design:

  Function input method began to grow, but before doing that good design is also buried in the deep multi-function settings, the user is very difficult to find.Take skinning operation Example:


  After optimization than before optimized to reduce the four operations, since we need to do more simple.

  Restrictions: the contradiction between the more and more features and limited space.Input panel can not carry excessive content.

  Breakthrough: Select to show their form and extent of pre-function according to the frequency of use and importance.

  The first tier (most common): cand District Toolbar.The user is most frequently used and most click directly to the.

  The second level (common): Logo menu panel.This is a place very common, but no less important function of the first stage, the operation is relatively easy.

  The third level (rarely used but there must be): settings.All feature set can be found here, but a lot of features not often set to only appear here do not necessarily appear in the first two levels.


  Users deep needs to meet (with love)

  Breakthrough: put it another thought impossible can be achieved

  When meet the needs of users, we need to satisfy his spiritual needs, to firmly lock the user.Personalized and emotional are the most appropriate to the user''s mind meet.

  Skin shops and on-line batch themes:

  Let''s meet user demand for personalized input method through the skin store, the store premise skin is beautiful skin and requires large quantities theme.

  Limitations: How fast a lot of skin on the line.

  Initially the skin is very high design costs, can not be quickly mass production.A complete skin needs large and small design interface 36, together with the development of FIG cutting implement, at least half of a skin / person 1 time.


  Breakthrough way: + technology to change the world through creative design.


  Design resources can achieve skin resurfacing procedure by using a single color to design a layered interface.

  Expressions and expressions Store Design:

  The contents of the input can only be dry boring text you?Obviously we want users to think more.To further find the exit to the user''s emotional expression, expression input was born and expression store.Meng sell a variety of facial expressions, allowing users to fall in love with input.


  Restrictions: selling Meng also have to be unified and visual input method, must be based on user input experience for the first.

  Breakthrough way: a unified interface style, but in some places there are bright spots.


  Meng sold by small details, such as the inlet and whale effect icon blinking icon to restore the expression system of Cell Morphology.

  Above combination of experience from basic construction (available) -> upgrading experience (ease of use) -> User deep needs to meet (with love) three aspects, we can conclude that good design is actually in the process of constantly break out of gradually approved, good product design is also gradually step by step verification.The design process can be concluded from the input method to break out several effective ways:

  1, keep trying + research evidence: iterative design attempts to increase the actual research, you will be able to identify the most suitable design approach.

  2, starting from the user pain points designed to do: find the problems users are most concerned about, fix it, make your product a big upgrade.

  3, put it another thought, could not be able to achieve: Do you think the impossible, there is always a lot of people can.May change in thinking is a breakthrough.

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