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WordArt, do the stars instance of the word



  This tutorial focuses on using Photoshop to make beautiful decorative stars WordArt tutorials, this tutorial is very simple and requires only a few simple tips, you can make the cover of the effect of posters, books, magazines.Which fonts, brushes and background can be replaced, the required course material we already packed up, need friends together to learn it.Remember homework done.

  Tutorial material needed for the link: http: // / photoshop / sucai / 2015 / j868796849.html

  First look at renderings


  1, select the font, enter text, create a canvas of 3000 * 2000, fill it with black # 181717, bold, font used here is Thander.


  After entering your text, duplicate the layer, press CTRL + click, select the layer, using a grid of.Filter - Blur - Radial Blur, the value is set to 5-10, the opacity is adjusted to 75%.


  Close the original layer visibility.Press CTRL + click the layer, make a text selection.


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