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Word festival, Day of the Dead Mexican marigold design based tutorial text effects



  This tutorial teaches you how to add text on a variety of patterns, very simple and practical, we recommend learning.The following materials have provided, you can follow along with exercise, done homework.

  First is that what is the Day of the Dead, Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is one of Mexico''s most important traditional festival.On this day, Mexicans will beat gongs and drums to celebrate, meet the living, the dead and reunited, reminisced about the deceased loved ones.In the eyes of Mexican marigold is the Day of the Dead celebration of the iconic flowers, commonly used sugar skull decoration and so on.


  Figure 00

  Course material

  1. Aka Posse Font: http: // / photoshop / sucai / 2015 / u987188.html

  2. Floral Brushes 2 brushes: http: // / photoshop / sucai / 2015 / z990758.html

  3. Grunge Shading: http: // / photoshop / sucai / 2015 / h120513.html

  1.Creating guides

  Step 1

  Create a new document, the length and width of 500 pixels by 500 pixels.Select the line tool, set the foreground color to red, in the options bar set the width to 1 pixel.In the middle of the canvas draw a straight line, and down through the canvas.


  Figure 01

  Step 2

  Copy vertical line layer, and a straight line 60 ° clockwise.


  Figure 02

  Step 3

  More Copy vertical line layer, this straight line is rotated counterclockwise 60 °.


  Figure 03

  Step 4

  Select three layers shape just created, select "Layer> Merge shape", will merge shape rotated clockwise 30 °.Upon completion, the locked layers.


  Figure 04

  Step 5

  Select the Ellipse tool, create a 366 * 373 pixel canvas center point of the ellipse.In the options bar, set to white fill color, stroke color is black, Stroke Click the option button to change the alignment pattern aligned with an outer set as shown below.


  Figure 05

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