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With wonderful examples Flash5 MV full production



  After using Flash to do Music Video appeared on the Internet, more and more people are hooked on this creative way, the MV their favorite songs made for a friend or yourself to enjoy and feel the results of their work after the work is completed, while allowing their Flash skill Furthermore, it can be said that a lot of advantages, no wonder many of them are a lot of Flash chart works MV works.(figure 1)

  实例制作:用 Flash 5 制作MV全程   三联

  figure 1

  MADONNA "Music" Maybe you did not quite understand, no way, I probably talk about it!MV without saying that the, Flash is now what is the fire, year-old child knows.And use it to do with the different MV we see on TV.Because Flash is vector-based technology, mainly used for network transmission, then we can not join a large number of bitmaps or video, so you can be understood as a cartoon.Music with a certain screen to complete!Of course, you may also need the appropriate subtitle.

  Since it is MV, then the music is very important, before starting production, preparation work should do.The song files and related material, such as pictures lyrics are all sorted out!Then we can start to do.First of all, the music must be a song, so that it substantially complete, usually in MP3 format song files, since Flash 5.0 version provides a direct introduction of MP3 functionality, not here in detail that if it is available SoundForge other formats like audio editing software for format conversion.After the good music is ready to consider with pictures and music.The importance of foreign works with graphics and music.In China, most authors prefer adding subtitles, so you need to master synchronized with lyrics!This is a general problem of making MV.

  On the image, you can introduce some bitmaps, but too many words will seriously affect the download speed, and Flash to do with the traditional MV MV completely different meaning, do not lead to realistic and file is too large.Convert images to vector format would be a good solution, but also reflects another aspect from Flash Art.Because Flash itself convenience of drawing weak, although 5.0 joined the Bezier curve, we can use third-party software to achieve, bitmap to vector conversion is recommend to use the Adobe Streamline 4.0, it is a professional bitmap transfer vector tool that provides rich conversion settings.And converting the graphics are stored as standard *.AI format.Let''s look at contrasts after about conversion.(figure 2)

  实例制作:用 Flash 5 制作MV全程

  figure 2

  In FIG. 2, the original image is the leftmost, middle is converted to a multi-color vector, the rightmost is converted to monochrome vector.And this whole process with Streamline 4.0 less than three minutes to complete.You can imagine sketched out by adobe illustrator or CorelDRAW such a path is what kind of workload.The software runs is shown as follows.(image 3)

  实例制作:用 Flash 5 制作MV全程

  image 3

  Figure III Adobe Streamline 4.0 runs interface. You can see, unity and style Adobe family of software, users can quickly get started, unfortunately, can only open *.PSD and *.TIF, does not support the popular *.JPG, not even support standard *.BMP .However, the function is very good.Conversion Setup items in which case the Options menu, we can set the details of the accuracy of the conversion curve, the line capacity, etc..The Setting-ri built a lot of conversion modes to choose from.It is an essential tool for Flash users.In can be tilted downward and crashed a trial version.In this way, shrinking the size of the work at the same time, we have created another style, Flash Art.After all, Flash is not a video editing tool, our work is not available for sale on CD, because to spread through the network, because you want to play the advantages of vector animation.This is, in a foreign country MV works "DDB" in well reflected out.(Figure 4)

  实例制作:用 Flash 5 制作MV全程

  Figure 4

  Of course, we are talking about the benefits of so many vectors, not against you into a bitmap in the works, because under certain circumstances we really need to match in order to set off a bitmap effect.   For subsequent operations to be considered to understand graphic movie scenes with MV, beauty and music as well as pictures of convergence, currently with MV Flash authoring can be roughly divided into two categories at this point, one is by changing the screen (pictures and text), with music to achieve the effect, and the other characters to represent places, to match the music, lyrics by character movements, facial expressions, etc.!People usually cartoon, in which the characters behave in ways more complex, the first requirement of a higher base painting, because these particular things are hard to find all the material library, we need to draw the author''s own, and secondly there are certain requirements of animation basis, to master the basic operation of Flash friends all know, are two changes in Flash, Motion and Shape change change.The cartoon-style characters behave, drink from a cup to take actions such as hand.To show this kind of action with Motion and Shape is more difficult.So we need to draw the continuous action of each investigation.The protagonist of a series of action figures show works like MV appearing requires a separate drawing out if part of the expression involves even more complicated!For example, some advanced users want the performance of the concert lip.This adds to the difficulty of making.Works "I Do Run" is a typical character class MV.(Figure 5)

  实例制作:用 Flash 5 制作MV全程

  Figure 5

  If you are confident you can hand the content of 4 and 5 shown in the figure in Flash so you can rely on a solid foundation to try, if not confident, you can start with a scene change class.MV class works so popular, so many friends like to do is have their own advantages!For primary works, the production is relatively simple.Because they do not like to consider a lot of interactive works as controls, buttons jump, scene change and Actions, etc..MV produced only looking for a song import, and then go along to the music, and gradually the picture is created, with basic Motion and Shape can be completed without involve other more complex stuff.If you have lyrics subtitles, the difficulty is that the lyrics and music can be a good match.   Here, we take a look at existing audio problems!Since when do a lot of domestic friends MV usually selected popular songs and lyrics like to add captions, all people have a lot of questions in this regard, subtitles are not synchronized with music.How to solve this problem that it?One way is not to use subtitles!(Ah, this is who threw bricks!) There is work from the start, we must first understand the audio works in Flash, and secondly to make Loading works, because the MV works contain the entire song, plus the screen, usually files are large, so it is necessary to do Loading this is the premise of synchronized sound words.After the music file into Flash, and dragged into the scene from the Library panel, you can set up in the Sound panel.(Image 6)

  实例制作:用 Flash 5 制作MV全程

  Image 6

  Sound panel

  In the Sound panel, Effect item is to set the sound effects, we are not discussed here, but the key is Sync item, the down arrow next to the point you can see Start, Stop, Stream three options.If you select Start, then the sound starts playing from the first frame insert and keep the TimeLine relatively independent, even if the film ends, TimeLine stop, if the sound is not finished playing the music continue playing until the end.The Stop key stops the specified sound.Do MV, we should choose Stream this one, designated sound streaming playback is Flash playback mode, the transmission network how much play, stop transmission is to stop playing, and always keep pace with TimeLine, due to maintaining the continuity of play so just said do loading and very necessary, and can wait for the movie to start playing all finished loading!   When production began a few frames of the vacated TimeLine do Loading, insert a sound behind, and then edit the animation until the end of the song.After editing the animation movie we can calculate the total number of investigation, one by one and then add captions, this process is too much trouble, but also more time-consuming, but will not be a problem after synchronization.As (FIG. 7)

  实例制作:用 Flash 5 制作MV全程

  Figure 7

  Audio and subtitles

  Can be seen from the figure, when you select the audio player to Stream mode, the audio is always consistent with the TimeLine, then the text in the subtitle layer TimeLine long as the master of time can do synchronized sound words!In fact, these problems are caused by network transmission process, I met a friend that he works very well after browsing synchronization, can spread to the Internet is not a sync, how are fix.In fact, you just put the Flash online help open look inside to understand the instructions in the online help in a very detailed explanation of these items.

  After these tasks are done, you have to consider is the creative problem.The fact is that everyone there is a problem, we can not rely on an article or a book to read to learn, can only gain experience from the production as well as look good works of others to draw.The article made the Flash for a rough MV, due to limited experience, inadequate inevitable, I hope to help friends.

  Finally, I wish you to complete a satisfactory work!

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