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With expert study design!25 ultra-practical principles of simple tutorial first lie



  Editor''s note: popular minimalist design has no principles to follow?Today @ doo-plus students to choose from actual cases minimalist design of a group of outstanding works, they peel the layers, extract the principles of minimalist design 25, brilliantly practical, drawing strong, fit and create follow suit inspiration, has the first eight lie to close >>>

  Not amazing enough inspiration?CEO designer look dry goods: "Designers must have!10 encompassing inspiration excavation site. "

  Minimalism can be described as the chaff, focus on key.In other words, minimalism through the clutter and reach goals.

  Since it is minimalist, the final presentation is simple and natural appearance of the word, carefully thought out, and repeatedly try a lot of time are included in this fusion of simplicity.Here, we have to break down minimalism, learn.

  01. be consistent mini-part1

  For the brand logo, the trademark minimalist style will be very practical.Take this from the Simon McWhinnie designed bar brands, logos and color graphics minimalist style, the perfect fusion with other extension elements and products, to create a sense of the overall brand image is very easy to make memories.

  02. Looking invisible association mini-part2

  If you think so minimalist design lost the creative, then you''re wrong.In fact, when you do not suffer from cumbersome vision, stealth association have the opportunity to explore the clever design elements.Interbrand designed by the Opera Australia is a good example of their clever use of minimalism, found the "OPERA '','' OPERA AUSTRALIA" and "OZ OPERA" letters in interesting relationships.

  03. The use of spatial relationships mini-part3

  In minimalism, you can find and take advantage of its unique sense of space.Design can not be limited to its own, let it be associated with the surrounding elements, a coalition of more "open" vision.This group of cards like Trevor Finnegan design, to see the effect when they are combined together.

  04. Brain hole wide open mini-part4

  Minimalism does not mean to abandon all graphic illustration elements but choose when and where to use more cautious.As this identity, graphic elements Frame Creative design cleverly fused with the brand name, if we can utilize this way, you can create a visual image that is simple and.

  05. Focus on efficiency mini-part5

  Minimalist things simple, focusing on communication itself.This card is designed Jake Frey is a good example of all information exchange in this short span of a few lines, abandon fancy, improve efficiency.

  06. Utility Grid mini-part6

  You shoot chicken carcasses were probably already know the use of the grid, and some people even think that it designs plays a vital role, then minimalism, it is even more so the.Since there is no too many elements in the design, it is a good time to play around with the grid system.Take a look at Jessica Giboin of this layout, sophisticated grid system so that text, title, and various graphical elements, clean and simple design and very utility.

  07. Emphasis on functional mini-part7

  Minimalism called functional title.A clean, clear, uncluttered design makes visual navigation unhindered, the required information at a glance, James Kape designed this layout is a good example.Minimalist design and a clear font classification information so catalog pages easier to read, play a powerful functionality.

  08. Explore the balance mini-part8

  Balance between visual elements such as photos and text layout is very important.A good design does not need to do any element in the absence of a specific justification, obtain a large share of the layout.In this layout Mother Design design, we can see a small amount of emphasis on large text and picture a more concise picture together, and made more complex images usually combined with great length text, so to achieve visual balance.

  === === tutorial material prompted to open ps, follow the tutorial to do it again, do renderings can: submit jobs.Tutorials have not read where you can post questions to the forum: ps help

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