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With CS6 to Shi Shi Wu and make albums animated tutorials



  Prior to animate their own designs should first like a good album layout, you can find ready-made material directly, and then put the photo album inside; then set the album to a single page flip animation in accordance with the usual flip effect.

  final effect


  Material PSD file and download link: http: // / s / 1mgmgGkg Password: 1r15

  1, new canvas, provided below.


  2, imported material, adjust the size and position, Ctrl + left mouse button click the layer material obtained constituency (xuǎn qū), create a new layer, do: Edit> Stroke, set the following chart.



  3, double-layer stroke, Stroke layer is added to the layer style, as shown below.



  29 tutorial network to remind you, tutorials unfinished, see the next page to continue learning (xué xí)!

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