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Why such a low polygon style fire?Design Tutorial



  Dribbble and Behance frequently visit friends may notice that the recent "low surface modeling" extremely strong design style.In addition to graphic design and web design dynamic effect, the reality in magazines, TV and more in this style also have reflected.This design style is characterized by low detail, face many and small, highly rendered, often accompanied by soft light effect.

  In fact, this design style in the early computer modeling and dynamic efficiency in was widely used, when about to be forgotten, suddenly pop up a.

  This article will focus on the exploration of this low surface modeling style appearance, show some low-surface modeling Design Case.

  A, 3D modeling?Low surface modeling?

  All 3D modeling requires leveraging polygon.The more polygon models, models with more details.Usually soften experience the polygon, so that objects look more harmonious.

  Low surface modeling different designs, polygonal modeling phase using less, so that finally will present a concise, abstract effect.Pay more attention to rendering, rather than pay more attention to soften the polygon.To create a closed, feeling chilled.

  However, these low-speak does not mean that the work surface of the modeling modeling of low resolution.Low surface modeling design uses a sophisticated rendering techniques, lighting effects, invisibility, simple entity capable of highly reducing nature of the object.(But lacking shape) The result is that low surface modeling design is a bit like real life, arts and crafts, retro feel.

  tim reynolds 为什么低多边形风格这么火?!

  Low surface modeling design is representative Timothy J.Reynolds.And Jeremiah Shaw and Danny Jones of Tumblr site Geo A Day, they are pushing low surface modeling design aesthetics.

  Timothy J.Reynolds works appreciation:

  Geo A Day, works appreciation:

  78563 为什么低多边形风格这么火?! 78564 为什么低多边形风格这么火?!

  By Jeremy Kool of The Paper Fox to describe this design style, more relevant (figure below).This work has become a highly interactive applications on iOS.Jeremy Kool simulated origami style.Joined the paper folds sense, and the edge is very thin.

  78562 为什么低多边形风格这么火?! Katarina Macurova2 为什么低多边形风格这么火?!

  In Kristina Macurova works, you can feel the depth of field, improved sense of physical models.You can adjust the depth of field in the lens settings can also be adjusted by the late PS.

  Second, why the low surface modeling design fire?

  78565 为什么低多边形风格这么火?!

  Like low surface modeling design of the designer seems to be very appreciate computer modeling, computer modeling as a little too perfect, too objective, and flawless.And now 3D modeling feel too mellow, they pursue the kind of coarse texture, because the designers know, no matter how realistic simulation, design and reality still works out worse then a "point" children, they think we should use designed to capture the essence of an object, rather than trying to imitate the appearance of the pursuit of.

  When photography appeared the 20th century, some people think that photography should go grab precise moment reality, this is the height of the pursuit of photography.But the art does not require precise: Art is an expression of feeling erratic, rather than the appearance of perfect reproduction.

  Digital Art prosperity and development, generation after generation has gone through endless pursuit of "realistic" style, but they will never be able to do realistic, because they are carried out simulation, this time, was tired of the simulation, they began to pursue abstract expression.

  Third, how low surface modeling design?

  Here a simple tutorial to help quickly achieve low surface modeling style, using the software Cinema4D

  1.Create an object using a simple entity, such as spheres, cones.You do not have very delicate, simple to.

  2.Segment property, check each segment contains options "Subdivision per Segment", the more the number of segments, the more the surface of the object.

  3.Provided Phong Properties - determines the roundness of the object, in the Cinema4D, Phone tag can be removed, or the angle is set to 0 Phone

  4.In order to create the effect of a polygon, the deformation may be added to the model, can be set manually (by dragging the node), this may also be used Displacer deformer.Using random Noise shader added to each vertex.It may increase or decrease the amount of deformation.

  5.When added to the material, the material to define the object, ridges may be added mapping surface detail to provide even better.You can also create a special high-gloss.

  6.Add a background, add a sky

  7.Add light, subtle light makes more sense works with.

  8.Rendering objects using Global Illumination render settings, create soft light, adding Ambient Occlusion add a sense of depth and shadow.

  low poly cinema4D 为什么低多边形风格这么火?! villa savoye 为什么低多边形风格这么火?!

  This is the finished result.Delve into your own, create your own style bar.

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