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Whitney Museum vi brand new design



  Whitney (Whitney Museum of American Art) full name is Whitney Museum of American Art, founded by Ms. Gertrude · 范德伯尔特 Whitney (Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney) in 1931 in Manhattan, New York City.

  This museum collection of modern American art known works and some newer than another Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum in the former hall 30 years, American art is quite conservative and worship, works of art on display in Europe, Buy and education almost led by the US national Academy of design, and therefore established the Whitney Museum of American Art breaking the conservative case in 1918, a member is only the beginning of exhibition of achievements in arts club, called the Whitney studio club, annual exhibition has attracted more and more American contemporary artist, in 1928, membership grew to about 800, began preparations for the establishment of the museum, officially opened in Manhattan upper East Side in 1931.

  Early Whitney Museum biased in favor of realism paintings, and later in the 1940s began to become completely modern art, which is mostly abstract and conceptual works, but Yin Pupu arts popular in the 1960s, adding a lot of modern works of popular imagery, irony.

  In 1968, the Whitney Museum began outside sculpture exhibition, the first time the exhibits from renowned artists Dennis Oppenheimer (en: Dennis Oppenheim) and Michael Heise (en: Michael Heizer).In 1970 due to the prevalence of Land Art, in the Bronx borough of New York City, an exhibition of the artist Robert Smithson (en: Robert Smithson) work "Spiral dike" (Spiral Jetty).

  After 1975, the movie kind of art much attention, Whitney will also be video, photography or film arts add to my collection.Then in 1981 he started collecting works of installation art class.1989 also further collection of performance art.This makes the Whitney Museum of contemporary art in the United States as the first trend, but also laid later Whitney Biennial status.Currently Whitney Biennial is one of the key activities of the museum, the art world in the United States, there are few artists do not know Whitney Biennial.

  The museum has collected many works of Edward Hopper, in recent years actively developing part of the network of art exhibitions and collections in the Whitney Museum''s website, there is a special LAN art, formerly known as "Net Art", now renamed "Artport".

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