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Which features modern minimalist style design tutorials



  现代简约风格有哪些特色 29教程网

  Modern, minimalist style, with simple decoration but powerful, more daring color choice, whether it is warm colors or cool colors can be done, decorations and more diversified.


  Modern minimalist style to better reflect the functionality of the design, as to the configuration of the above furniture, white furniture is preferred, furniture gloss is the key to create avant-garde atmosphere, furniture auxiliary metal materials, to better reflect modern minimalist style.


  Curve blends modern, minimalist style characteristic of soft and elegant lines, some of Emotion and rich sense of rhythm, and the entire three-dimensional forms are methodical, rhythmic.Extensive use of steel components, glass, tiles and other new technology, as well as Iron products, pottery and other products used in integrated indoor.


  Modern style bedroom emphasis on individuality and creative expression, that is not in favor of the pursuit of luxury, performance and focus on something different from the other houses.Residential multi-functional small space is an important feature of modern interior design.

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