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When you teach graphic layout prominent Chinese beauty in several ways



  平面排版时教你突出中文美感的几种方法 29教程网

  Students start learning banner design is probably the most difficult Zhuomo Tou Chinese typesetting, and there is a direct students to intuitively text layout, in fact, the specific layout of graphic design as a means, essentially for picture elements in relations processing.That in graphic design, in the end what kind of layout to highlight the Chinese beauty of it, -eno-one- teacher we''ve written a tutorial in simple terms, I believe you will after reading "lay out" have a new awareness: )

  In addition, students can be excellent every night to set up micro-blog fixed column [Goodnight Banner!The latest daily Banner] learn to appreciate good banner design yo

  We start talking about five million years ago

  -eno-one-: human beings in the course of evolution, has been based on the principle of safety first.For psychological feelings generated by the appearance of things after the judgment, along with human evolution has been accompanied by the.For the first principle of security, human nature will automatically based on the performance of the object (shape, color, etc.) to determine the degree of risk of things.For example, sharp objects and colorful insects, will give warning of insecurity, we can look at police or fire warning ribbons, are all followed such a psychological.


  ---------------------- one --------------------------- -

  A legend:


  Mentioned above, human mental activity to watch things, is the first time to exclude sense of danger, it can be said, the first time is looking for a sense of violation and.For example, the image above Xifeng and pull baby angel photo comparison.When we see Xifeng, our first reaction is that the brain will go to find out what parts of her face undermine the overall beauty, such as bags under the eyes and mouth, which is the first time we will notice that the reason her mouth.And when we pull the baby to see the angels, we are not going to think in the end what makes her look beautiful.

  There are university courses, called "aesthetic".Many people do not understand why you want to study aesthetic, because they think should be the aesthetic nature and instinct.I hope that through the first example, we can understand that the United States is not found instinct, the instinct is found ugly.Therefore, "the world is not lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery of beautiful eyes."!This sentence, should follow up such understanding.

  Said more bluntly, the first human reaction to things is not "aesthetic", but "Ugliness".

  ---------------------- two --------------------------- -

  Why at the beginning I took so long to go to explain the aesthetic?

  Because we only fully understand the steps of their own mental activity, we might have to create things of beauty of human nature.It can be said that we first thought should not be to create beauty, but avoid the ugly.

  After much talking aesthetic, let us talk about the "design".

  This issue should be covered under the topic Design.So, I think it is quite necessary to "design" concept out to say something alone.

  What is Design?There have been many different types of interpretation.Of course, I also have their own set of interpretation.

  The term design, we should first of all as a verb to understand.

  Especially to control things by human subjective consciousness, then produced a series of actions, such as so-designed his life.Among the graphic design, and more specifically understood by the designer of subjective awareness to control the screen of various elements (composition, color, font, size, etc.) to make it consistent with the public visual standard.

  For understanding the nature of the design.

  Whether it is business class design, or pure art design, they all convey the essence and expression.Through some form of media (could be books, advertising signs, pop, newspapers, magazines .), the creator of the customer or paid content expressed hope, expressed by visual way.

  All failed design, will be contrary to the above two points.

  Either the designer completely without thinking, from the composition, use of color, font selection is too arbitrary, resulting in the picture completely inconsistent with people''s visual standard.That''s a lot of people will say, I from your screen simply do not see the reason of design.

  Either, for what you want to convey ambiguity, leading to incomprehensible after reading.This type of common problem common in students and industry newcomers.The first step is not to think what they need to express thought, but to think in what form to express.

  ---------------------- three --------------------------- -

  Now we get to the part of the answer.

  Chapter One:

  When plain text, and how to improve the recognition of the beauty of the text?

  Because before answered a similar question, and both great relevance, and therefore do not repeat here, a direct link is given: "Experience Sharing!Ultra-practical text processing skills "

  ---------------------- four --------------------------- -

  Chapter two:

  Chinese when combined with the picture, and how to improve the recognition of text in the beauty?

  The title there is a very important key words "typesetting".

  It''s been a rotten word, but very few people understand the specific meaning of which.The particular layout of the graphic design as a means of.In fact, the nature of the relationship is the picture elements in the process.(Picture elements include patterning, color, fonts, etc..The relationship, refers to the distance between them, the size of the area, with color, etc.)

  Legend II:


  Drawing on the example, I passed different location in the text, to let everyone know that this so-called relationship in the end is what does this mean.

  Right from the visual beauty, it is obviously better than the left, which is the most fundamental reason lies not in the size of the font, but rather what I have been emphasizing the relationship.

  In the end what is the relationship?We then look down!

  Legend III:


  The reason the image above, I have to understand this text placed here by the auxiliary line for the.

  Next, we''ll look at some print ads chart I readily find the text in its placement.

  Legend IV:


  Text display is definitely not the heart, but between some elements of the picture and the auxiliary phase.

  Legend V:


  Such a relationship, not only apply to text and images, but also covers all the picture elements appear in the picture.

  I have listed above and summarized these in an industry veteran seems, it has long been an act of the habitual.If students desire to learn, follow the above tips, look at their own magazines and print ads designed on the web.

  First Summary:

  Sometimes the text is not the United States, do not blame the text does not look good, it may be that you have not the right place!Find by looking for relationships between elements, you will find that the text should be placed in what position.

  ---------------------- five --------------------------- -

  The examples given above, in order to demonstrate the text look good, the location is very important!So then, we further look at how to be more appropriate psychological feelings of the viewer!

  Legend VI:


  The figure in the content, are the same, but chose a different font.We can judge from their own psychological feel, which seems to be better taste.

  From the psychological feeling for the right font, give people more willing to eat the feeling.Cause such different feelings lining is that the font online.

  Legend Seven:


  Look at the above, a font which is more suitable for men, which will be more suitable woman?

  Generally speaking, food, women''s cosmetics, children''s products, as well as some consumer groups for the young product, or product characteristics need to give people a warm feeling in the font choice is more suitable for some arc, without serifs and relatively softer font glyph.(I say here is that in most cases, there are individual cases, does not follow this rule, this will not start illustrates)

  Legend VIII:


  We continue to look at the same text in different fonts cause psychological feeling is not the same you an example.

  Legend Nine:


  Then let us make a comparison group.Image above the text, which is more mood bonded screen?

  Second Summary:

  No ugly font, font only inappropriate.Before selecting text, make sure to carefully think about the characteristics of the product or screen.

  ---------------------- six --------------------------- -

  More than about two perspectives, one word do not mess put, and second, do not make the font selected.Now let us turn the head, continue to front of the second chapter said at the beginning, "layout" of the concept of continuing in-depth talk about.

  In the text, we will not speak of those who have been especially designed text, such as the following:


  We only say that direct the computer to play out the text.

  In graphic design, with text in order to look good, just need to follow the words - "square" to.

  Legend X:

  平面排版时,怎样突出中文的美感 平面排版时,怎样突出中文的美感 平面排版时,怎样突出中文的美感

  I believe that wisdom to you, I do not need to explain it to continue!

  ---------------------- seven --------------------------- -


  In graphic design, whether it is text or, Ye Hao graphics, color Ye Hao, they are serving the theme.To highlight the Chinese sense of beauty, whether it is the font, size, color, including the visit of the location, we need to consider the full range of.

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