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What should pay attention to the design of small units?Course



  1, a small space to use "light fitting" principle

  If the room is small cabinets everywhere,

  But also reduces the relative living space.Such being the case, better to put the money used to buy some of the decor a little better furniture.The so-called "light decoration" concept decorating ideas: the limited budget, the practical function of home furniture configuration space should be the primary focus is the decor, as modified days, the walls of the space belongs to modified supporting role.Small space reduces the fixed bulky renovated space is moved out, people can live at ease.

  2, at least the most fine furniture manufacturing the most exciting small space

  Small space should carefully choose the more delicate furniture, the greater the furniture, although accommodating more (but not necessarily the more clever the more easily), but people opposed to the less remaining scope of activities, and the heavier furniture, greater body flexibility pendulum the less likely the opposite, the more miscellaneous furniture, can show its unique beauty also less likely.

  3, arranged a small space, should be people-oriented, supplemented by storage

  Arranged in a small space, it should be people-oriented, and to the furniture storage, supplemented, because of the small space, there is no place to put those extra never wear clothes with less than less than a cup, because we need to complete the operation function , will have furniture, storage of produce, rather than the need to incorporate before doing cabinet; this idea though easy to understand, but it is ignored by most people, often the first to see someone putting the cart before the main storage, and then seek the furniture, which position can forget the soft warm sun, people went into the indoor cycle meantime whether proper, only to see full of sofas around the TV, in fact, if designed to return people-oriented, so crowded in fact be avoided.

  4, "ultra-low-degree ceiling" to create the highest sense of space

  Space to do great, must use their brains from the ceiling.Just have to do a ceiling height of 30 cm to reduce, if not messy lines on the ceiling do not need wooden ceilings, which can significantly cut expensive artificial wooden, you can also create space height; if forced necessarily the ceiling, can do only not only partial ceiling finishing line in the meantime may cause the level of visual design fun.

  5, a small space to avoid complicated totem, hanging lamps create a visual focus

  Small space to avoid over-complicated totem or claws decor, but too light "natural flavor" is there, but rather tend to be monotonous, because the lamp luminous nature itself is the visual focus, multiple surrounded by indoor light sources, has already transformed into modern lamp as a center of the main spindle concepts.Focus hanging chandelier is actually a rapidly create a visual focus of the easy method

  6, wall color to paint, to create three-dimensional visual

  Paint is the most effective material change in atmosphere at home, most people think that a small area of space than the cramped, whitewashed walls must have the effect of expanding space, it is not true, if properly selected color wall color, but can make sense of depth, widening space Visual effect.In an example a rectangular space, the wall distance, darker color when painted, can reduce the length of the space, more space finishing Founder, do not use too much additional small space decorative cloth, wallpaper colors too, the table towel, tired infix and money.

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