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What kind of UI designers really have a B cells



  As more and more demands on the Internet, through a combination of various types of software and mobile devices, PC terminal software and hardware for people to enjoy more services.Although users have such a variety of services, but the interface operation and behavior of some of humanity''s guide allows users condemning again and again, to enjoy the comfort of the services at less than.More software designers aware of the problem, in a competitive environment so much, we must shift from "functional" as the center to "customer" as the center.

  Software vendors really aware of this point is to see from Apple after the company''s excellent product began, the original product may be the case, the original experience is that people can feel comfortable, you do not have to think about.But for solutions, most of the domestic enterprises, only for the team but also the surface has been optimized, for example, to increase the recruitment of designers, use the "UI designer" this new term, general design part of the UI designer and two interactive designers, and UI designer to do is beautifully drawn icon interface, interaction designer is to optimize the mind map to have a "B cells" and "wireframe", they call it "High fidelity interactive map ".

  Transformation requires deep bone marrow, then in the end how to define the responsibilities of designers in practical work, business, team how to choose the right designer for goods and services?

  The traditional "UI designer" is nothing but the "art" for a nice term only, this position do most things that draw effect, they pay attention to the appearance of the interface, unity of style, effects rendering.

  And we all know that a unified interface style may result in reduced visibility, so they took the iphone main interface, if they are all unified style icons (ios8 although style is flat, but not for flat and formalized it as there will be details of the expression of texture projection, high light, etc.), and that the user also how to find the desired service for the first time, but that they only studied the effect of gorgeous and beautiful it is now "UI designer" do not care degree.

  The visual designer for the current Internet products tailored precisely career, visual designers study the composition of the new graphical method, a graphical interface to user feedback and behavior guidance, such as graphic design of a button can transmit information to the user, telling he is a slide or click on or press and hold, resulting in behavior guidance, so I will generalize to the visual design of the user experience design, because the visual design allows users to experience the visual, tactile, emotional through a graphical interface, etc..

  Visual designers not only to study graphical interface, the need to study psychology in conjunction with the graphical interface, we just talked about a button that allows users to experience three senses, aesthetics button - visual, button operating state - behavior, the appearance of the button prompts - guide.So psychology directly affect the friendliness of the interface.

  One sentence to describe the psychology of the role is to interface design: your interface to become a loving sister.So simple interface design is not only painting, but for people to design a comfortable, natural, people need the interface, which is a rigorous and with theory, data to support output, the design process, not the artist in painting in so casual.

  Interaction designer case is the definition of key positions throughout the product form, but at present most of the work product manager is the boss and made out, product manager what products have value in consideration of sometimes hastily defines interactively.Interaction designers sometimes restricted development, leading to the results of the work because of factors development, operation and maintenance, corporate strategy and concessions.

  So most of the domestic interaction designer jobs is not clear what they should do, but executives gather ideas, estimate conditions in other sectors, but eventually developed a better-looking product mind map.Interactive Design products not only need to sort out the business logic, functional architecture, also need to re-analyze and define this series.

  For example: If the product needs to have a shopping cart function, then it will derive personal system, from the operating logic, the user will need to log in to use the shopping cart function, according to the traditional methods, we will design the interface head Log in and out of the entrance registration, users log in shopping cart ICON will appear, ready to be put into the shopping cart product.And professional interaction designers will find that after a user does not enter the interface will go to Login or register, they will be more interface to browse the contents, this time they did not know this interface will have shopping cart functions, when when they checked the goods, but prompted to login.Then the interaction designer will be placed at the interface of the entrance of the shopping cart ICON, regardless of the user is logged in or tourist status, select and goods, the number of shopping cart will appear when users settlement, if there is no login will be prompted to log on, so not only just entered into the user interface know have a shopping cart function, but also in the purchase of goods in line with the settlement login user behavior.If they do not, like you''re in the supermarket to buy goods, they must produce their identity cards only give you a shopping cart.More interaction designer is thinking transformation and development needs for clear information architecture, user behavior in line with the standard.

  "Do not cry for help danger to shout on fire" - the seven deadly sins, interaction designers will have to do more to provide such solutions work.

  More and more Internet team weave their own dream product, product design determines the character, charm and energy, especially in the start-up team selection interface designer of the time, to be more biased in favor of user experience designer, select those who truly think about how to design the human interface designer, but not a member of the Fine Arts.

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