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What is a home design?Excellent tutorial



  Home design is the nature of the use of space based on customer requests, the environment and the corresponding standards, the use of technical means and architectural aesthetics principles of modern materials to create a functional and reasonable, comfortable and beautiful, meet the people''s material and spiritual needs of indoor space environment an applied art.The space environment has both meet the appropriate use of functional requirements, but also reflects the spirit of the factors of history, heritage, environment, atmosphere, etc..In the meantime, explicitly "to meet people and create the material and spiritual needs of indoor spatial environment" as the purpose of interior design, which is people-centered, all to create a better life for people, indoor space environment production activities.

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  Home design is both an integral part of architectural design, but it is also building a second division space, design, architectural design it is at the micro level to deepen and extend.

  Home decoration focus to explore from the perspective of the appearance of the visual arts, research and problem-solving.As interior space of each interface decorate landscaping, construction technology, the choice of decoration materials, etc..


  Decoration design not only distinguished people recognized architectural design systems work also with public recognition of the concept of decoration, decoration and renovation of the space made by different.Home improvement design to create a good human in space, functional relationship between people and space, objects, things and things, to achieve mental and physical balance and meet the designer.Home improvement design is one human life important design events.It is not only about people''s past, present and future of the people is also reflected in the world of exploration and pursuit.

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