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What are the principles of the mall renovation design?Practical Course



  A good mall decoration give a good image of the mall to bring help, but also give the mall a lot of customers, and in the decoration often have undesirable places, which also caused a lot of shopping malls in the decoration in it spent a lot of effort, but it will not lead to great effect, then what does the principle of the mall renovation design?Xiao Bian X group decoration net below you introduced one by one.

  1 features a combination of principles

  Each region has different floors for different customer groups tastes merchandise mix, put an end due to floor area single function too, which will affect the mood of customers shopping, effectively retain and utilize valuable source.

  商场装修设计有哪些原则?    三联

  2 dispersed layout principles

  Catering, leisure, tourism and other projects should be decentralized layout, and strive each area, the floor has a different style of related projects to promote the flow of people in uniform flow throughout the building.

  3 grade uniform principles

  Merchandise mix each floor area of follow-grade uniform principles, rich assortment of prominent floor area, to attract customers into the mall once, they will not folded in any area, or take no interest in the phenomenon completely mall to fully explore and utilize valuable tourists.

  4 roundabout channel principle

  The layout of the channel to minimize long distance straight through (no intermediate intersections), to open the field of view, to avoid the passage of the blocking phenomenon berthed.More efficient road network extending in all directions when the layout will enable customers to buy goods, more efficient.

  5 Shop "after the first interval function" principle

  The restriction bit internal column mall, elevator, Buti, air conditioning, electrical rooms and other facilities, shopping malls combined main channel (3 meters) and the secondary channel (about 1.8 m) of the width size of the interval as shops "everywhere channel" large pattern, turning back to the consumer or to avoid dead-mall; According to various floors, the main characteristics of the bunk store the type of each ribbon needs to to determine its location and size; and then to separate out on the commodity market, the most common type of area according to the type of business demand for goods shop decoration common.


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