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What are the characteristics pop style design tutorials



  波普风格有什么特点 29教程网

  Pop style a mix of styles, its pursuit of popular, popular taste, oppose modernism pretentious GAO.Emphasis on novelty and strange, flashy and bold use of color in the design, always give people the feeling shines.Pop style to say what are the characteristics, we believe that the following four aspects can be a good interpretation of pop style, to help you better understand pop style.

  1, bright dazzling artistic temperament

  It has bright colors, always give people a sense of humor and happiness, it has been a new round of fashion interpretation of the theme, for people to bring a fresh home life.Say in the design pop style is not just a simple, consistent style, it brings together a mix of decor, his pursuit of Mass, popular taste, oppose modernism pretentious GAO, in the design emphasis on novelty and unique, more daring use of color.

  2, with a novel pattern

  Open space, strong colors express a cheerful atmosphere, with monochrome mosaic pattern wallpaper brings crisp, lively visual experience.When the red, yellow, and blue strongly attracted to your vision, and you therefore discern the heart of surprise and joy, so exaggerated and avant-garde art form, type inference is to subvert the traditional concept of home design for you.A variety of bizarre shapes, strange texture, extreme special designs not only make everyone shines, even more important is the cure "fatigued".

  3, strong color contrast

  Strong color contrast in white dotted appropriate color balance of the relationship between space and soft fabrics make tough room more of a comfort.

  4, gorgeous exaggerated colors

  Vivid colors of stitching fabric full of personality, pure white cotton bedding and soft exaggerated colors, dots, abstract patterns, strong colors in large areas of blank, the balance two complex and simple temperament.Brilliant colors, imaginative fun pattern, distinct variety of color, so that more of a quiet life happy randomness.

  These are the details about the pop style features in home decoration, pop style is a good choice.

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