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What are the basics of interior design?Design Tutorial



  Interior design of the basic requirements for practitioners

  1.Expertise - interior designers must be aware of the various design will bring what kind of effect, such as the mechanical effect of different income modeling, real practical impact, involving ergonomics, cost and processing methods, etc..This knowledge can be mastered by no means once a day, but also mastery, integrated use.

  2.Creativity - rich imagination, innovation and forward-looking is essential, this is a big difference between interior designers and engineers.Engineering design approach or the use of analogy, the major nature of the work is to improve, improve, rather than innovation; design is very particular about the original and originality, design element is the infinite variety of lines and surfaces rather than rigorous, tedious data, "analogy" out of the design can not be good.

  3.Art skills - simply, is to draw level, it is further stated that the level of aesthetics and aesthetics.To be sure the world is not an interior designer is not painting, "the picture is the designer''s language," which also goes without saying that the truth.Although today has been able to express other methods (such as computers) design, but the painting pen and paper still the most simple and direct, fast way.In fact, although the idea can be expressed in a computer model of a more comprehensive, but the most important thing to imagine, the process of scrutiny mostly carried out by a simple pen and paper.

  4.Design skills - including the ability to apply hand-crafted clay model and computer design software, etc..Of course, these skills need professional development training, not born craftsman, but strong practical ability is a must.

  5.Job skills - that coordination and communication skills.Involved here to category management, but because of the design have a decisive role in guiding the entire image of the product, technology and production, so good at coordination, communication design in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness.This is an additional requirement for modern interior designers.

  6.Market awareness - must be designed for the production of (cost) and market (consumer tastes, cultural background, environment, climate, etc.) considerations.The design certainly not out of the market to sell, that interior designers will not be easy.

  7.Responsibilities - Designers should be through negotiations with customers, site survey, as much as possible about the customer occupation, preferences, requirements of owners of functions and the pursuit of style.

  Work content

  1.From conception, drawing a three-dimensional modeling, to provide a complete design, including physical environment planning, interior partition, image design decoration, interior goods and the like disposed sets of facilities;

  2.By creativity and design, home design reflects the sense of space, practicality, superiority, revolutionary, highlighting its user-friendly;

  3.Elaborate planning their own creative ideas to reach a coherent conceptual and decorators;

  4.Coordinate and solve various technical problems decorative process;

  5.Assist with costing and resource analysis interior decoration;

  6.The development direction of the industry and understand the new technology, new technology and is committed to innovative design.

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