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Web design tutorials inventory of those with superior impact color



  Color itself is a great vitality and shape of the elements, one and the same architecture of web design can render a different meaning and atmosphere in different colors against the background of a new page in the browser when the first human cognition is color matching the achievements of visual effects.Each color for each person has a different meaning, and is entrusted with different emotions.This is perhaps the charm of color.

  Here''s what we gather to share the experience with a good degree of visual color 10 pages, for your reference reference.

  1.Green and purple mix is not very unique?This color really incredible impact, but most designers use a simple line only content on the page, in addition to the two colors, only a small amount of white as a decorative appearance.So if you want to use hit-color approach, or should pay attention to try to abandon all other unnecessary ingredients, in order to maintain order in the entire page.

  盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计 29教程网

  2.The second case and the first use of the same concept, also showed a similar effect, but very different in the use of content.This page with a fresh mint green and black conservative, assuming As in the previous case, only the most simple lines as the main content of the page, then no doubt, this page will be very boring monotonous.But overall style website designer will fight the graffiti style, to make the site more youthful vitality.

  ad4916b9 d098 41c3 9605 6041bd5e03f9 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  3.This site uses a Metro-style interface design, site as a whole rather monotonous background color to black and white gray-based, it is precisely because of this background, it highlights the need to show the content of the page.The lower right corner of each label uses some small matrix fluorescent color components, so that the site is full of modern.

  6b422a6a 3242 4928 852f 10d53640b86f 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  4.This interface is mainly blue, a large area of sky blue middle section has become the most suitable graft bridges the other two blue, so that the entire page appears to have no unexpected.Fluorescent blue on the left is the three most dazzling colors, naturally became the visual center of the page; the right gouache texture of the blue to make the page more integrity.

  62ed3502 1906 427b bbc6 844f4d44296d 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  5.Red and green with the traditional concept of the total with a bit of sense of violation and, in modern design, seems to have been less evasive red and green appeared in the same space at the same time.But there is a certain escape of between red and green, after all, so the use, size and color of the middle of the convergence is crucial.The following cases, color content rendering three-dimensional state, shaded leveraging make the overall look more harmonious, yellow orange also let viewers transition visual experience has a certain grace period.

  c4c79d01 62d7 4f09 a1dc b50be0801fd1 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  6.The real big picture background make your site appear more life, and bright red area and instantly the site back to a lot of fashion sense of style, and easily caught the eye of the viewer.

  03e81900 b87c 4c9e 8dcc b6ecb12a342d 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  7.Seemingly chaotic and illogical color matching is actually hidden mystery.A closer look, we are not difficult to find cases around the screen is actually symmetrical, but in color, has a small subtle differences, so that page to find a sense of belonging in the balance.

  d909007e 19e6 42ad bfa9 9eb3af82614c 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  8.The designer Steve Jobs portrait made a red-letter effect, brings together a variety of colors, forming a special visual impact.

  983d73c1 9386 408b a5c6 e748bf78ec1d 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  9.Yellow main colors always give people a good feeling very happy, the picture appeared in a number of different yellow, each of which represents a different metaphorical and emotional.This is the charm of color.

  0bacb6af 0a7e 486f 83df 40519ce84a5b 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  10.This page uses a background map of the sky slight gradient, dark blue with red and white striped gentle integration, forming a unique visual beauty.

  def5f402 928c 47e9 9224 a9a4c4f1e04b 盘点那些具有超强冲击力色彩的网页设计

  The different nature of the site requires different colors to match, not how bright and colorful, just find the most suitable color scheme, impressive enough.

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