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Web Design New Ideas!The story with compelling content to attract users



  网页设计新思路!用故事来吸引用户  29教程网

  There is the story, and almost human history almost as long as.Since humans can speak, she began to use stories to communicate information, ideas heritage, sum up experience.Web design is the essence of communication in ideas and concepts, which is why storytelling is the expression of the network''s most attract users.

  Web designers are always looking for more ideas and ways to improve the user experience, so they will be increasingly used method of storytelling in design.

  When the story into a website designer of the time, this immersive experience can more effectively attract users.There are many forms of storytelling can be across many different devices use different types of website.

  Storytelling with social media


  Now the relationship between social media and web design more closely.Even many large companies have social media buttons on each page, which makes publishing and sharing information easier and faster.It also makes the brand''s fans and users to more easily communicate with the product suppliers and service providers.Social media can make brand products to storytelling to market, capture loyal customers and users, and social media can be delivered in a variety of forms of brand passion, to achieve the purpose, or speculation.

  Below Tommy Hilfiger Facebook page, for example.The United States Tide brand''s Facebook page has 8.7 million fans, so many fans are loyal listeners Hilfiger brand story.Hilfiger share designs, celebrity news and photos of partners and a variety of promotional activities, illustrated by pictures, video, text and other forms on the page delivered to the user, fascinating.

  Use pictures tell the story


  Sometimes, simple without publicity pictures can tell a better story.A picture is worth a thousand words of this sentence is not wrong, the people themselves are visual animals, picture information more easily absorbed, it is reasonable to use graphic language, can convey information more effectively.

  LinkedIn registration page on well illustrates this point.When you open the registration page when the user left of the picture is very little purpose, which is to show the diversity of users of the site users, and sent out a message: This site really is for everyone.These photographs, different ethnic backgrounds, men and women, not including the elderly, and everyone looks confident and happy.Even if people do not understand is the social network on the planet can understand people from different regions with different backgrounds being gathered here, the use of common services together through this simple exchange of information, and even business dealings.

  Use illustrations to tell the story


  Like the picture, with illustrations to tell the story also has a good effect.As a visual aid, illustrator will let users more easily understood brand story.Compared to simple straightforward expression photo illustration more, it can be expressed in an abstract way, it can be more in a more realistic way to tell the story.

  Evernote Clipper on the page, we see the use of the story by way of explanation favor of realistic approach.Illustrations and text together, how to tell the user Web Clipper works, looks like a storybook as simple and straightforward.

  Use mascot tell the story


  He says mascot, funny cute humor to sell Meng is their advantage.When a company or organization has a Web site mascot, then use it to communicate with customers with a simple and convenient method, can be passed through it with humor and brand value to the customer, tells the story of the brand, such as MailChimp.

  MailChimp has a very famous mascot, named Freddie, it passes the corporate philosophy and tells the story of the enterprise has a great contribution.MailChimp Mailchimp describe whether and when Freddie, between the lines can also be seen in business or in life are pursuing relaxed rather than serious philosophy, the spirit of this enterprise.

  You can also feel different from Freddie picture this, whether it is a smile, wink or ears when sandwiched pencil, are passed with positive energy through facial expressions, you can intuitively understand the brand image of the ground gas provided fixed, calm and gracious.Now, you can almost see Freddie various patterns on all pages MailChimp.

  Parallax effect storytelling


  Although there is not enough domestic use of the site, but the disparity website has been around for years, and the trend is still in peak.The prevalence is likely to prove itself, and this design of this website is the most simple and effective way of storytelling.The site uses parallax scrolling design, has been Scroll down the way is an ongoing process to disclose more information, like peeling an onion, it is essentially very close and storytelling.

  To The Royal British Legion, for example, parallax scrolling through this site is the way you want to show donors the necessary information how to use over the whole.When you scroll down, these vibrant story by parallax effects unfolding before your eyes, you will see a wide variety of useful service corps for veterans provided.

  Personalized used to tell the story


  Personalization is one of the most important contemporary web design factor.Personalization is effective, and is strong, when you seek personalized for businesses and brands, it is amazing to narrow the distance between the tool business / brand and customer, because when you use personalized, visitors, fans and customers will identify with and resonates with the brand, this way, it will naturally produce greater profit margins and possibilities.

  Personalized make your brand great story about it.Pet Relocation Take as an example, at the site of the Team page, each member high-profile, which is the traditional "About Us" page has a huge difference.You will see everyone on the team, each pet smiling picture on the page, when you move the mouse over the picture when the picture will become more personalized look - more adorable, more fun.And this design is to tell visitors, the organization''s corporate culture is stress relaxed, natural.



  In time humans have lived in caves, paintings on the walls in telling the story of the tribe.For humans, this storytelling is a natural way to deliver information, until today, it remains one of the most important web design way.You will find not only a growing number of companies and institutions will adopt a brand of storytelling way to present themselves, ordinary website design will be more and more in detail, into the story.

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