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Wang art tutorial stereoscopic effect Gladiator 3ds max



  Hello everyone, I was one of the origins of Batman Arkham producer, my name is Alexander.Kirilenko, the following are the main processes I made Gladiator, hope you like this and create their own roles.

  First look at renderings

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王  三联

  The inspiration for the project comes from a book, the gladiators of ancient Rome does not matter, mainly because I read something, obtained.

  Before starting, I always collect a wide variety of reference, I can not be distracted, I collected a wide variety of things related to the network, collecting weapons and costume jewelry photos, I decided to use them in my model.

  I''m not a fan of muscular, so, I decided to do a more natural person and not a lot of muscle, muscular, I use my own photo, do some muscle reference.

  Simulated human body

  Body carving process is fairly simple: most of them are zbrush sculpture, using the standard brushes, as well as some custom brushes.Basically, minor adjustments are substantially brush (35 alpha, hardness 8) .Here is my brush arm and calf muscles.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Use ClayBuildup brush, standard brush and custom brushes to shape the body

  Modeling head

  Because I know, will head will be completely covered by a helmet, so I did not bother him too much, not too many details.Facial features and the correct proportions of the skull on it.After doing so the helmet can not be wrong.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  The finished body shape

  Modeling accessories

  All parts are made in 3ds Max, ZBrush and then carving is complete Topogun.I created a very simple geometry in 3ds Max, ZBrush import it into the middle, he began carving shape, proportion and detail.If I need a new object, I create new geometry tools with Topogun.

  Topogun plays a big role, in addition ZRemesher help me do a lot of work.

  I started doing his helmet.In my opinion this is the most interesting piece of gladiators'' armor, which makes it stand out from other fighters in.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Based on previous modeling helmet head

  Modeling legs and arms

  Legs and arms also began in 3ds Max, but because these objects are very simple.I did some details, such as sutures, in 3ds Max, ZBrush and not in .This is a common approach to this type of detail, more accurate with 3dsmax.

  Exterior noise generator used to achieve the ZBrush.There are many ways to create this type of detail, but I chose the easiest and fastest way.

  The process is as follows: First, make sure that the object has uv.Then noise generator, a preview mode, a fringe pattern selected NoisePlug.Application and return it to the noise generator

  On the surface of the final application.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Folds and creases

  This is the use of a layer of noise, so you can change the intensity according to need.I used the same method used in other elements.

  Production fold,.I took a towel pressed with a finger and then shoot pictures.I rarely do such a thing, in fact, simulate cloth effects in 3ds Max is also good.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Use a brush to create folds and creases in the fabric model

  Carving details

  Sculpture of a lion is the beginning of a sphere.Shoulder pads lion is the most difficult.This is a very stylized lion head, I was under I find online pictures made.

  The problem is that after a good carving, feeling out of place.Profile was very embarrassing, see if I can balance that out, then the lion using FFD modifier in 3ds Max crushed.Although the head lost its aggressive look, but the overall contour model to improve a lot.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Variety of animal head sculptures decorated Gladiator armor


  When all the large pieces of armor do a good job, I''m happy, then I started to create smaller pieces.I think this looks like a gladiator champion, he is the emperor''s favorite, so I decided to add a bunch of decorative elements, looks like the elite.

  This is my technique:

  1) use of a star, in 3ds Max.

  2) Create a spherical plane

  3) Skin Wrap

  4) Let spherical distortion

  The technology is not hundred percent handy, so sometimes I''ll make adjustments in ZBrush .For smaller pieces of armor, like a bolt and a rope, I used to make modifier PathDeform.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Gladiator armor step ornaments


  I had wanted to make a shield (my setting idea), but I decided to do a sword and shield.I do not want to do too much detail, so I chose a very simple sword, and made good in 3ds Max.

  I use a noise generator to add a layer of old and dilapidated, and then draw some scratches.

  3ds max制作立体效果的角斗士之王,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Entirely in 3ds Max modeling

  Adjustment model

  When all the parts and armor made, I put the model back in ZBrush to adjust the proportion of the body, improve skin folds do not press on the body.29 Tutorial Forum


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