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Three-dimensional visual effects technology tutorials 3DMax homemade pictures and video games



  3D visual effects principles

  We must ask, "3D is formed and how?"The reason why the human eye can see three-dimensional object because the same information about eye received slight difference in the horizontal direction.An analogy, when you were about to close his newspaper and seeing, you will find it is a different location.To realize the information on a 2D computer screen 3D image of reality, we have to rely on 3D glasses, its role is to make two different images into the right and left eyes, respectively,.

  Here we used red and blue 3D glasses filter.When the image light of certain colors are filtered out by the lens, so that the left and right eyes see different images, and recognizes human brain after forming the 3D image.This red and blue glasses you can buy in a store or online, and users can also create their own, almost without spending a penny, so to not have to walk into a movie theater, you can directly enjoy 3D pictures at home, movies and play 3D games.

  With 3D glasses, of course, also need 3D resources, the relatively limited number of such resources, after all, did not shoot their devices and the popularity of low-cost, in fact, we have to do is to photograph their usual life shot or video "change "bodies set up.

  3D picture production

  In fact, 3D digital camera with two lenses use is taken side by side at the same time get two pictures, that is, the left and right, there are subtle shift difference between them, if we use as an ordinary picture on the left, and it modify displaced, we get the right, and they can be synthesized 3D image.

  The first step: First, use Photoshop to open an "Avatar" in the United States is satisfied star''s picture (Figure 1), save it as "left", observed the figure there are areas for generating depth of field effect, see here characters left and right can be made prominent effect (referred to as a screen).The picture of the background layer into a "layer 1".

  用3DMax自制图片视频和游戏的三维视觉特效   三联

  Step 2: Lasso tool (more precisely with the pen tool matting number) to select the left-hand portion of the person, and then this part shifted to the left by a distance (Figure 2).


  This distance is a screen depth of field, not too much, if you move to the right, is a concave effect (referred to as the screen).When the registration is part of the move will leave a blank space, then click on the "Select" menu "Invert Selection" option and select the "Clone Stamp Tool" and "Smudge Tool", with a similar color on the edge of the blank to fill in the blanks (FIG. 3).


  The third step: the same selected portion of the person''s right hand, the right-hand one is the effect gradually from the lower right to the upper left corner of the screen, then you can select "Edit → → chamfered Free Transform", will select the top left portion dumping, and its bottom portion to remain intact ((FIG. 4).And then "zoom" and pull it wider, to keep the horizontal position.Then the same manner as before, to fill the empty space.Finally, save the image as the "right".


  Fourth step: Next is approximately FIG Synthesis.Open the left again, and copy and paste it in the right layer above.In the right side of the interface layer, select the left layer (layer on top), double-click it will pop up a "Layer Style" window.In the "layer style" which cancel G, B in front of the hook, and right in front of the hook layer cancel R, Serve red blueprint.At this time wearing red and blue glasses to see the 3D effect of the picture (Figure).


  3D video playback

  Production on 3D video and also 3D pictures of the same principle, if there must be more realistic effects, also need to use AfterEffects software, because the process is complex, not described in detail, here we introduce the common use 3DCombine 5 the method is simple 2D video into a 3D effect.

  Step One: Download and install the software running 3DCombine 5, click on the menu "File → Open 3D Video" to open a video file can be seen after the software interface generates two video map, which is the analog camera lens around shooting , where the need to pay attention to the video file format.

  Step Two: You can preview the generated 3D effect.Click on the menu "Display → Passive → Grey Anaglyph" you can get a video shot after the synthesis, wear glasses to see the 3D effect.

  The third step: finally generate 3D video files.Click on "Video → 2D to 3D (Manual)", in the pop-up menu has about generating some of the setup options, such as saving the file path and name, the depth of field (Option 1.00, set too high it will affect the 3D effect), output format (choose Grey Anaglyph), etc., then click "Convert" button to start generating.

  The fourth step: the build process is very slow, you do not want to waste too much time, you can click on the "Video → 2D to 3D (Auto)", can increase the production rate in the interface, but the effect will be worse.Finally generate good 3D video files opened with support for 3D video player, you can play watch.

  Please click ''Next'', we experience the joy of a three-dimensional game!

  3D gaming experience

  Open 3D Vision Discover can see three-dimensional effect, but it requires specific graphics drivers and operating system, it is inevitable that some limitations.By now official iZ3D driver provided, the same effect can be achieved in DirectX 3D games, and it can be used in almost all computers.

  Step One: Download and install iZ3DDriverSetup.1.10.exe.A message box will appear during the installation process, we can not ignore it, press "OK" to proceed with the installation.

  Step Two: After installation, the control panel enters iZ3D, the "DirectX" interface "Output" option is selected "Anaglyph (free)", there is used to adjust the 3D effect hotkey "Profiles" interface, when all the after settings are done, click "Apply" to close the control panel iZ3D.

  The third step: the game then proceeds, there will be provided a transparent menu, then press the "N" key is pressed there will be a test screen, the screen to see if there have been red and blue dual images, it is the game can support it, and press the "Y" key to return to the game.Wearing red and blue glasses will be able to see the game''s 3D effects (Figure 6), also good, it will not hurry to enjoy!


  Tip: We recommend users to use red and blue glasses not more than 10 minutes to avoid dizziness due to the relationship of color.After all, red and blue glasses rendered three-dimensional images can only make you feel "a sense of 3D", to feel the perfect 3D effect, 3D display with exclusive long-term plan.

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