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The method of making realistic 3DsMax beautiful eyelashes excellent tutorial



  The final results are as follows:

  3DsMax教程:制作逼真美女眼睫毛的方法   三联

  Select an edge, it will be the starting point for the lower eyelashes.


  Click "create shape from edges" button, set the "shape type" to "linear" .


  Set the graph thickness = 0.5, side = 3, and may be rendered, the interpolation of 6.


  Right-click the "snap" button, check the "vertex" items.


  Use "refine" command to add the point, an important matter is the middle eyelashes dense than outside, to thus add a point, a graphic copy twice, and with reference to FIG placed lower than the original first secondary eyelashes and a little forward, the second back a little, and lower than the original eyelashes.


  Reference Placement:


  Use "create line" pattern of three points connected together, generally outwardly from the eye.


  Graphics, and the first graph to delete previously copied useless segment.


  Select the center point of each line, right-click the shortcut menu, select "smooth" option.


  The last step is to move the end point, increasing the randomness of point.I will point up by the end of the eyelashes to gather simulation eyelashes, which is the best for long eyelashes, and finally we will use the end of the shear eyelashes opacity map.


  Opacity map:


  Now simply specify a dark brown material to the eyelashes, the "opacity" groove disposed a gradient map (texture gradient), the final repeat the previous steps to produce the above eyelashes, then the mirror to the other eye.

  3DsMax教程:制作逼真美女眼睫毛的方法(图十三)29 Tutorial Forum

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