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Radiosity rendering process Raiders tutorial in case 3DSMAX



  Interior Design in rendering performance, there are many methods we can use the performance.There is an array of light use, there comes Radiosity using 3ds Max radiosity rendering engine, there are employed as the master performance Lightscape rendering platform, of course, is most used to do with performance renderer VRay.Here we take a brief discussion of how to do indoor performance with built-in 3ds Max Radiosity-light engine.Due to limited space, with the support of the performance of the material will not be dealt with in this section, the main problem is to explain the basic workflow and performance radiosity and often appear in conventional solutions.

  For explanation convenience, opens a basic scenario, the material generally has a good job in this scenario, the lights are already in place, the effect of the basic scenario shown in FIG..

  3DSMAX渲染中的光能传递流程攻略  29教程网

  Fast rendering pressed the button on the toolbar, the default rendering of the scene.Since all know 3ds Max photon By default the light emitted photons having no rebound properties, thus rendering this effect we generally call pure direct lighting effects as.


  It is evident from the figure, since the light emitting photons do not bounce in the scene, so the area caused by light brighter, while the area backlight dark, this effect is not in line with our expectations, but also does not meet the the reality of the law, because the nature of light is of a rebound.Next, we will take advantage of the built-in 3ds Max radiosity engine to simulate real global illumination (GI) effects.

  Press the F10 key on the keyboard, open render the scene: the default dialog box scan line renderer, advanced lighting switch to the tab, select plug-in illumination light passed, the user interface displays the following.


  We first analyze the effect of the initial stage of radiosity.

  So-called primary optical transmission, generally refers to the precision provided directly solving radiosity, and with several impressions to achieve the effect of the global illumination of the exposure control, we give the following steps:

  A.Expand Radiosity Processing Parameters rollout, an initial mass of 85%, this can be understood as quality solving global illumination of a final degree of fineness.The higher the value, the more photons bounce sufficiently, the more close to the real natural light distribution of the light distribution of the scene rebound.It is noteworthy that the brightness of light in the scene that is independent of the quality.If your lights are bright enough alone to improve the quality of solving does not work, you must change the light intensity of the lights and re-light before resolved, it is important to note.

  Click the Start button, the system will be solved in accordance with the quality you set begins radiosity, then there will be a progress bar prompts the user''s current task amount calculated as.

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