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Make beautiful flowers model 3Ds Max practical tutorial



  This article is the basis of 3Ds Max tutorial describes in detail how to build a beautiful flower in 3Ds Max, a look at the final results.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型   三联

  Here is the first step in the initial model

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图二) 3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图三)

  Next, the front view of the transfer point, more careful to be transferred row by row using the zoom tool

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图四)

  Next, a left side view of the adjustment point, at lines to try to smooth, shining on the best side for side perspective view looking feeling

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图五)

  In point of regulation time, as carefully as some of the best one by one tone, so you can make the model very natural.

  Then, smooth look.Look Zeyang?

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图六)

  If the model is inappropriate as many highlighted the following proportion, the Internet has a lot of pictures of flowers, you can lower down, look feel.

  Next is the moving object to move along the axis Y, some distance from the origin, not too far, otherwise the future will be a lot of trouble.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图七)

  Note that, from the origin of the operating window is a top view, following the axis of the object is to get to zero, is the origin position.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图八)

  After the zero axis, the axis control off switch button.

  Then a top view of an array of petals.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图九)

  "Association" after the array is complete, select the original object is still the beginning of the

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图十)

  Now, on the left view the associated object closer by, pay attention so as not to produce too much of a cross between model.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图十一)

  If the one-sided model shows the effect of choice, we can attach double-sided materials for these models petals.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图十二)

  Final collapsed result, as shown,

  If the model crossing too much, it does not prevent re

  Zoom adjustment of the point of intersection of rows and rows.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图十三)

  After disconnecting the association to retain a model is in the selected state, click Merge Attatch button, and then the other models merge

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图十四)

  The combined model, the adjacent petals of different welding points twenty-two.To more carefully, do not mistake.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图十五)

  All petals near the spot welding is complete, you can re-open look smooth results (when adjusting the point, we should turn off the smooth handling, otherwise the machine will be very slow).

  If the model is too stiff too, can be individually adjusted at some point, so there are some differences between the petals.

  3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图十六) 3Ds Max新手教程:制作漂亮的鲜花模型(图一)

  In the process to obtain a final PS effect after rendering

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