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Blend mixed use 3ds Max tutorial material to produce a battery case



  Mixed, commonly used in the production of indoor home performance materials such as gold foil pillows, pattern glass, etc..This time we will use it to complete the production of a battery material lead us to understand and familiarize yourself with the basic method of using the material together.For ease of discussion, we first have to open a scene in 3dsmax make a good battery, the basic effect is shown

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池  三联

  We will make the final results are displayed for easy explanation for a material, the final rendering as shown in Figure.

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Material production steps of the present embodiment are listed below:

  (1) First, we analyze the characteristics of the material produced.Observe the battery, the battery is found first of two parts of the head and body composition.The head is made of metal matte, while the body part is a mixture of gold material and reflective material obtained by mapping.So first of all in the general direction of the material to determine the total level of multi-dimensional sub-material.ID No. 1 is brushed metal and ID No. 2 Blend is a mixed material, a material is a mixture of gold and maps from the reflective material.Thus the first step to set the surface material of the object ID number, may be modeled by the mesh model into polygons or done.Since the battery is done directly by the editable polygon creation, the material can be directly set the ID.This part is relatively simple, the reader is set up to itself, only a battery, for example I to give a surface disposed FIG. ID, as shown in FIG effect.

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  (2) the type of the material to multidimensional cell sub-material, set the ID number to the number 2.One was adjusted to a matte metallic material, but is temporarily set to the No. 2 Blend a material would be fine to be.Material set results as shown.

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  (3) waist material carefully observe the battery effect, it can be understood as a gold material and mixing a texture reflecting material, controlled by the mask therebetween Mash.According to this idea, the surface material can be drawn in Photoshop and color texture mask map, the following results.

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网 3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  We click the Blend button and enter the details of the internal settings interface material Blend.It was found by the material 1 and material 2, and a mask composed of three parts.The default is controlled by the amount of mixing.

  The basic mixing principle: Here is the mixing amount of unspecified material content of 2.That is, if the mixing amount is 100, the display material 2 is completely the same token if 0, the content of the material 2 is 0, that is to say completely display material 1.If the blending amount is 50, the average of both.

  Obviously, the present embodiment can not be completed only by the amount of mixing, the mixed material because the battery waist trouble, only by specifying a mask to complete the FIG..Mask works: the white part of the display material 2, and the black display only part of the effect of material 1, our mask map is drawn based on this principle.

  (4) After the above principles are clear, we can set the final material.

  Obviously, the mixing principle binding determination, the material should be set to a map reflecting material, provided the material results shown in FIG..

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  2 but the material should be set to gold material, a material parameter settings shown in FIG..

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  The mask is provided directly only the mask into the channel FIG paste on it, is not described here.All materials for imparting battery set in the scene, the scene display is shown in Figure 22-9.If you set the effect the illustration is not the same, only need to apply a texture coordinates UVW Map modifier to the constituency No. 2 batteries on it, specific parameters please your own work.

  (5) rendering parameter test set, the default lights off, rendering open the skylight panel with the GI global illumination, color of the sky remains the default color rendering shown in FIG..

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  (6) Why renderings and final results so different it?

  The answer is simple, a test render parameters I set very low, so the quality is poor, but the most fundamental reason we should be able to guess, and that is also the lack of a catadioptric contrast environment map.So we decided to set a final rendering environment catadioptric panel, to select the type of mapping texture VRayHDRI, parameter setting results

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网 3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

  Finally, if you increase the rendering parameters, you can render the final results of the.

  3ds Max使用Blend混合材质制作电池,PS教程,思缘教程网

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