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50 good advice, it is easy to learn 3DS MAX excellent tutorial



  This is the most sharp is the best advice I''ve ever seen.I do not know who wrote it but it is definitely a personal experience of people, from his words I feel it.He said people like me, sometimes it is sometimes insist on doing 3D MAYA I want to play but in the end people belong to adhere to it or impulsive people do?Anyway, after reading this 50 psychological suggestion I shake it a little tune these 50 recommendations recommend it to everyone.

  3DS study of 50 recommendations!

  1. Have a clear purpose or interest, targeted to start.

  2. Beginners do not see too many books that would be fraught

  3. See "c: 3smax4help", not because they are difficult and we therefore do not see themselves as beginners;

  4. Do not be fooled by the particles, dynamics, plug-ins and other words;

  5. Do not let any one looks very simple little problem - they are often not so simple, or could mean a lot of knowledge;

  6. MAX will use modeling, does not mean you''ll MAX;

  7. MAX is not difficult to learn, maya, Softimagexsi, Softimage3d, lightwave much better than this - the difficulty is long-standing practice and spare no effort to read books;

  8. If not a genius, then, I want to learn MAX do not want to play the game - you thought you did, in fact, you are not MAYA level and your ability to become higher with the clearance - in fact, you can keep in mind: to learn MAYA is part game, of;

  9. MAX to see more books, school is incomplete MAX, to more practice

  10. Impetuous people tend to say: MAX die, should learn MAYA; - it is your own right to die!?

  11. Impetuous people tend to ask: what in the end I learned; - Do not ask, just learn it;

  12. Impetuous people tend to ask: MAX future career prospects it; - suggest you go rob a bank;

  13. Impetuous people tend to say: I want Chinese version!My English is not!- No?Learn it!

  14. Impetuous people tend to ask: MAX and MAYA, Softimagexsi which is good; - I tell you, all good - as long as you learn on the line;

  15. Impetuous people in two ways: a) people only wait and see rather than science; b) does not adhere to the people only learned;

  16. The stylish talks about technology, not as outdated technology in mind;

  17. MAX is not only 3D software;

  18. One of the best ways to learn is more MAX practice;

  19. Do not think that at any moment the book in their hands enough;

  twenty one. Can read the book, please look carefully; not read the book, please bite the bullet and see;

  twenty two. Do not expect to see the first pass and the book will be able to remember what the master - see the second time, third time;

  25. MAX and others to discuss meaningful knowledge, rather than quarrel MAX or MAYA okay with Softimagexsi which is good;

  27. Do not MAX and MAYA appears to have some of the same, I think they are exactly the same meaning and effect; (in fact, nothing like the same)

  29. Please do not think MAYA learned then switched to MAX will be a problem - you just another learning a new software only;

  30. There may not understand the problem on CDV or HXSD,

  31. The secret is learning MAX: study, study and study again;

  34. Please hand the book''s examples to practice on the computer, even if the companion CD in the active file;

  35. In the examples in the book to see meaningful expansion; 36. Please pay attention to exception handling techniques in MAX and its practical application to their work;

  37. Recalling his past often done scenes and try to redo, I learned to use new knowledge into it;

  38. Do not miss any exercises in the book - please all done and recorded ideas;

  39. MAX and MAX material to simultaneously learn and master;

  40. Since the decision of the school MAX, please adhere to learn it,;

  41. Let all kinds of 3D platform to fierce competition now, we want to learn MAX itself based;

  42. When you go to the half with a MAX but found the method they used is very poor, do not immediately stop there; please be part of the rough does the rest in order to ensure complete PPP this design as soon as possible, and then analyze your mistakes and re-design and work (see 43);

  43. Do not hurry, do not use MAX easy; the level of development is to improve and continue to practice;

  45. Each MAX learned a difficulty when trying to explain this knowledge to others and make him understand - only you can make it clear that you really understand;

  46. Ignore or do not understand their own knowledge at the time found in records and communicate with others;

  47. Please continue to put forward higher requirements on their own scene;

  48. Keep all source files you''ve done - it is one of your best accumulation;

  49. Please do not do people impetuous;

  50. Please love MAX!

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