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3DSMAX Willis jeep model produced practical course map



  Model Description:

  Willis jeep is the most famous World War II jeep, after the car production in World War II more than 600,000.Today, jeeps its excellent design and excellent performance, the army and in the world of motor racing is still and will continue reputation.Because I love this car, specially made for this model; modeling time: 3 days + model textures half days.

  Use Software: 3ds Max 2011 + Vray2.0 + Photoshop cs6

  Final image model as shown below:

  3DSMAX制作威利斯吉普车模型贴图 29教程网

  Car model production process

  Model making preparation

  A model of the preparatory work before production is very important.For example, first you need to think about what to do with the model, is playing games or video or single frame, then made time to do know the answer.Since I want this model can be used in film and television animation above, so at the request of close-range can not be simpler.The general appearance can do, it does not require particularly careful.And for a limited time this is the main question.

  Ready to work:

  The first is trying to model some of the information and.I suggest that you its history before doing a model case, try to understand.So it has a deeper understanding of the time in favor of making (and not God understand the next horse a bad thing, Yuan Fang told you not).

  Important now: trying to collect, the three views you can go to the website to find information relevant material.Or take the easiest way - to find on search engines.

  Provides three views here


  Three views with just body, followed by photo reference diagram, this is the most important production details will need to refer to this photo.For example, this type:



  With this information together to understand this car before, now you can start making a model.

  1, the beginning of open 3ds Max2011 software used here is the Chinese version.Must first be cut to three views.Photoshop using a simple cut.Like this:


  About cutting plan this is not to say that I can also be used as a good cut.

  Production start:

  Open 3ds Max2011 patch on the top, front, left, were created and cropped image resolution of the same size.(This creates a picture ratio can be maintained without deformation) and then create a BOX align.Figure:


  Such a position of the successful completion of three views, of course, the view might sometimes not be so accurate.So you can find a side or top view myself as the main reference.The final proportion to side or top view of the subject, if the view is not really accurate, must not only control a top view and a side view of the control to see.This time they can try to change it appropriately scaled view.


  So far the preparatory work before the model is created.

  2, start creating jeep model:

  Before making model, the first analysis of the structure under the car and see how composed, as shown:


  Here is a look at some reference photos to a comparative analysis.

  Then start production from the housing, according to three views, with a BOX continuously extruded, continuously adjust the point, an appropriate increase in the number of segments of the line, due to the production of only a general model accuracy, smooth is not used.Chamfered edges can be processed only.The first step made to look like Fig.


  Prior to photograph some details out of the way to make.Together and attached to, and then use the Copy symmetric half modifier.Results as shown:


  The hood and windshield made in accordance with the half of the way to make out, and the other side of the symmetry, the hood here need to look at, making requires patience, the number of segments of a circle according to their needs appropriately increase or decrease the number of segments, I use here is not smooth effects (finite time).


  The inner housing can be pressed directly out of three plane view of a shape of the inner shell, then add a shell, automotive interior schematic structure of the chair and the back, with the cushion shell command, as shown:


  Car frame and suspension production

  Next is the frame and suspension of production of the car, since this car is special, in order not to Goof framework leakage, it is necessary to make it.I suggest that you make the time to try to find some pictures of the frame.For example, I found the following.


  Probably making is structured as follows:


  Here are just making a simple effect was not careful to study, so do not do too much entangled for details.As long as the structure of the line.

  For part of the engine, due to the appearance can not see from the engine, so a simple change it to simply take BOX.Steering wheel and gear is to make it simple to.

  Production of automobile wheels

  Making the wheels I think we should all know a lot of.Is a tire wheel, there is first prepared a tire profile, and then copy the array, and then all merge into a whole, all the connection points are welded together.And then bending the bending modifier, and finally the top cover of the tire.Figure:


  Cape production

  Next, production cape portion, as shown:


  In the production model of the cloak, to note that there are many folds, where the need to address the use of line mapping, but require large structure consistent with the above, as shown in the red part of the agreement needs to stand.

  Here on the production model almost, then you need to look for some, carefully check the details, such as some from outside can see what things will be made.


  For the interior due in part to see the appearance of this model is just so meticulous interior did not do it, if you want to show the interior can be appropriately refined.Dashboards and other items, according to the production needs to be combined picture, as in FIG..


  Thus part of the basic model is completed, as shown below:


  Auto white film rendering

  White film rendering model are as follows:


  So far the model section describes complete.It should be noted here is the line of action figure just proofread the approximate location of the object, not too tangled is fully aligned.Most of the rest of the local reference depends photos that look more the greater the help of production details.Local details of shape and position, mainly rely on their own ability to shape and grasp objects.The foundation not days can excel, need long-term practice, have basic art who will be dominant.(In theory, three-dimensional software is just a tool, like paint brushes, paint pen is now used to be painted with the software, they often draw sketches still quite workable).

  Map drawing

  UV demolition

  UV first need to be split on this model.In fact, UV split like this kind of thing is relatively simple, direct use MAX comes to splitting, but here only for large shell split, the rest of the little things in particular does not require the demolition of UV, to automatic box UV and UV plane are possible, which saves a lot of time, and the effect can be well guaranteed.

  A final decision after viewing the entire model needs an overhaul UV model as shown below:


  Then we add to this part a checkerboard material, just to find a default shader, plus a checkerboard texture above diffuse reflection, and the XY alignment gave 20, this should be set according to the model.

  More exciting please pay attention to the tutorial 29 tutorial web (, 29 tutorials web design group: 43076594 welcome you to join

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