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3DsMAX quick and easy tutorial to create a practical example of the lotus lamp



  Web to see some of the polygon with the construction of the lotus 3DsMAX course, flowers are doing a sweet, but the process is very complicated.In a chance, I found a very simple way, a few minutes can be completed, I feel very good!

  First come renderings:

  3DsMAX简单快速打造荷花灯教程  三联


  First draw a circle with the size you figure, does not matter.

  Then also turn into an editable spline, remove three quarters effect is as follows:


  figure 1

  Then draw a short line, as shown:


  figure 2

  Select the short-term to long-term path lofting.Petals prototype came out.


  image 3

  Go to Edit Panel, select the zoom option deformation in the bottom, so that three D will automatically pop up a small box.Inside is a full parallel lines, the eyes do not look to spend it!


  Figure 4

  Although multi-line, but it is a protagonist, is a red piece, you have to do is add three dots at the top!

  The plus point about regulation, as this should note that the above figures!This is done in order to adjust the curvature of the edge of the petals.

  Such petals on the well, is not very simple, every minute to get things!


  Figure 5

  If you feel too thin petals, you can add a shell modifier, it is with you, I do not nonsense!


  Image 6

  This is certainly the petals against my people, into the dark black paint, we give it the United States or under tolerance of it.Select a shader parameters are as follows.Remember to select double-sided.Add self-luminous.This pretty much more attractive!


  Figure 7

  The petals of a mirror copy.


  Figure 8

  Select two, one pair of in situ replication, rotated 90 degrees FIG effect.Now a bit mean it?Ha ha


  Figure 9

  Finally, copy, zoom out, rotate.Then copy, zoom out, rotate.So completely spent in front of you.



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