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3DSMAX production volume expansion technology tutorial pages of text



  This example shows that the volume produced by 3DsMAX page word expanded three-dimensional animation effects, as long as the Bend (bending) tool you can easily and does not require additional plug-in modules.Note that in the text objects to the Grid (grid) shape manner, so as to obtain clean and detailed surface is divided, so that during bending will not be torn.

  Creative ideas: fabricating a fine surface shape of the divided text; peel-motion animated using Gizmo completed (frame) objects; using Bend (bent) Modify commands using Limit (limit) control parameters crimped area.

  3DSMAX制作卷页文字展开 三联


  Production steps:

  1, create a text object

  To create a first type Editable Spline (Editable spline) object in Chinese; Chinese but such objects are obtained by direct non-typed text.Must be obtained through a number of plug-in or a more complex way.Here we can choose the most primitive method of obtaining.

  First with




  / Text type "design online", then use the Line (Line) tool, remove the "Start New Shape" is checked.Just text background hook delineate a new "Design Online", shown in Figure 1.The original text can be deleted.


  1 using a line tool object outline Chinese



  Edit panel enters into Vertex (vertex) level; the Front (front) view maximized, can be preferably enlarged for each word; Refine press (insert) button, adding an appropriate amount of points on a straight line segment of text , the entire text of the apex approximately uniform surface, shown in Figure 2;


  2 Chinese fonts insertion point

  Because we use the Optimize (optimize) option, you need to manually add points on the line, if not optimized, the system will be based on Step (stride) value to divide a line segment between two vertices, doing so on this current font it is inappropriate, because the useless points will be a substantial increase in the complexity of the object will be straight up.

  2, chamfered text objects

  Text now made chamfered shape, it is noted that the type of the Grid (grid) mode, this will produce a large number of fine-grained surface, so as to maintain the curl smoothly to future tense.

  Point to take More (More) button, was added a Bevel (chamfer) Modify commands; Set Level 1 (level 1) of the Height (height) 2; provided Level 2 (level 2) of the Height (height) of 1, Outline ( profile) -1; selecting cap type (cap type) to the grid (grid) mode;

  3, text objects Bend () Processing

  Below to be the most critical manufacturing steps, Bend (bent) extension using a modified method;

  Press Bend (bent) button, a command to add a bending; provided Angle (Angle) is -660, Bend Axis (bending axis) is X, that can be seen has been rolled up;

  Check Limit Effect (Effect of limitation), setting Upper Limit (upper limit) of 460, where you can freely controlled Angle (Angle) and the upper limit, to produce different size "volume".The results shown in FIG..


  FIG 3 text objects Bend (bent) Processing

  4, animate volume word

  Peel animation by Gizmo (frame) of the animation object Bend (bent) is generated.

  Right-click the Modify stack Bend, select "Show all subtrees", select "Center", using


  Moving the tool, the locking X axis;

  Front frame moved to the left in the (front) view, the straight line of text completely crimped together, with reference to Figure 4;


  4 Peel FIG animation character set

  Open the Animate (movie) recording button, toggle time slider to 50; in Front right (front) view of the mobile frame until all text Expand straightened; off the Animate (movie recording) button, complete animation;

  5, making the word of the material and background scene

  Having thus basically completed animation provided; also need to put lights, cameras, and making a susceptor for loading socks Crafts Peel word, the step of comparing the base is omitted in the present embodiment; the scenario shown in Figure 5;


  FIG make a good scene 5

  Rendering effect is as follows;


  6 rendering

  6, generated animation

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