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3DSMAX production of god of time model Tutorial



  3DSMAX制作《时间之神》模型 29教程网

  Introduction: I am pleased to share with you some of the modeling process in this platform Marsnet.The share is a role model before the race, I''ll give it named "god of time".Deeply felt limited technical writing is limited, the story is also more conventional design, there are many deficiencies also please bear with me.


  God''s time is the first one of the early universe, the birth of the gods, has experienced many changes in the years after, the only change is only his handsome young face and eternal loneliness.In the long river of time, the body of the time quietly watching countless people do not live life away, but do not know their ultimate fate will eventually go from here.

  Because of time reasons, in the pre-positioning to their model modeling structure is relatively simple, relatively less on workload.We do so in order to make better use of limited time to complete the work.

  In mold making

  First produced in a mold in 3ds Max, in fact, is the model into ZBrush ago.This time, on some models modeling are free, do not be too demanding, after all final adjustments on the last bottom mold will figure ratio, shape, etc..It is not necessary to waste too much time to adjust the proportion of early, details, etc..(figure 1)


  figure 1

  Second, need to pay attention to addressing turning surface, can be adjusted to the desired final effect by adding the line.The rest is only in ZBrush carved on it, so in practical work can help us save a lot of time.The following figure shows the processing of the collar portion.(figure 2)


  figure 2

  It should be noted that the segment to average, or very easy local details of the number of faces enough problems in ZBrush.This section (FIG. 3) is a good negative example, the mold is not considered when making the wiring to the average, the results led to many places serrated, very satisfactory, also affects the normal map detail.


  image 3

  In addition there are some relatively easy to get in 3ds Max in detail, you can try to get in 3ds Max, which will greatly reduce the processing flow of ZBrush.And some details by 3ds Max to do it but better than in some of the effects ZB.This feeling such as the lower edge of FIG similar socks, processing them in 3ds Max easier.(FIG. 4, FIG. 5)


  Figure 4


  Figure 5

  Consider face style of Japanese style tendency, so far as possible to the main round.Taking into account the role of age, it is basically only be accomplished by adding one to two in a smooth mold.(Image 6)


  Image 6

  Collar pattern making

  The next stage of processing into ZBrush.Relative to this model, in fact, need ZBrush few places, only been applied on the part of the fold, pattern processing.(FIG. 7, FIG. 8)


  Figure 7


  Figure 8

  The following detailed description of the production pattern at the collar.Here I use are relatively basic tools, mostly mask tool, this tool is very convenient in the production pattern.Since it is relatively simple tools, surely we all know usage.But I still few long-winded it simple.

  In fact, using standard mask drawing brush Standard can be completed, I generally prefer the first Focal shift of values into a -100 then brush very close to the hard-edged brush in PS.Then you can hold down the SHIFT start drawing the mask, and can be drawn when the switch to the eraser tool via CTRL + ALT.In this way, a simple texture to draw well (Figure 9).


  Figure 9

  After drawing a good mask, we conduct some reverse selection, hold down the CTRL click of the cursor in a blank area.After the pattern portion to be pressed by the lower tool Inflat TOOL (FIG. 10).(FIG. 11)





  After effect by both Smooth and Pinch brushes engraving, first with Pinch brush pattern will probably shape a good brush, brush the rest with Smooth simple to handle it, it is easy to make a pattern.(12) Of course there are many, I am here just a simple way to share my favorite way to make this pattern.



  Low modulus of production

  Then start making bottom mold.Now more mainstream way is through ZBrush high modulus to low modulus topology, I think in dealing with brawny and more convenient monster with topology.Treatment like this character, I was more used to do before the mold used to complete the line by reducing low modulus.Or simply adjust the low modulus with 3ds Max plug-in topology, can get very good results.(FIG. 13)



  Taking into account the latter may have facial close-up demand, so in the head a lot of focus Sides.Here simply treated under the hair..Hair done when the need to look at the trend of hair, the hair can be roughly divided into several groups first.Then in the production model based on the trend of hair.(FIG. 14)



  Also taking into account the layered hair.I figure below the red line marked with a grouping of my hair.(FIG. 15)



  In the case of the number of faces permitted, it may be some of the larger pattern of clothes to show it through the model.This will allow silhouette model is more abundant, when rendering the latter can receive a better impact light.(FIG. 16)



  Optimization normal distribution with UV

  Next comes the UV portion, the UV portion in fact relatively simple.Note that the position of the UV seams, try to avoid some of the more obvious places appear seams.While avoiding some of the joints are more obvious seams UV.Try to hide the seams for UV have greatly improved the work efficiency.(FIG. 17)



  Here to share a little experience I use a UV allocation to optimize the normal map it.

  Figures 18 and 19 are the same model are 256 maps, maps if smaller, then the effect will be more obvious contrast, especially in texture tight game model.However, the resulting effect is very different, which I used a little experience this UV allocated to achieve different effects.


  Figure 1829 Tutorial Network

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