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3DSMAX production of fire demon from excellent tutorial model



  Tutorial ideas:

  1.Model Making

  2.UV Split

  3.Drawing maps

  First, model making

  First, I created a separate equipment, Kito overall structure of the back of the monster is more complex, if it is the traditional approach is usually started by a plane tangent to do step by step detail, as shown:

  3DSMAX制作《火离妖》模型 29教程网

  Once the high number of surface models this approach will be very inefficient, and here I am using the method to produce the next generation, which is the first to make a relatively simple high modulus in ZBrush inside, and then get the low modulus topology.


  Do not need very detailed high modulus, large structures will be able to be finalized, this advantage is not only to improve efficiency, more importantly, a wiring more conforming structure.

  Fire away from a demon''s body is similar to the previous production of the monster began making direct, this can save a lot of time, the difference is relatively large head, so the head is completely redone.



  The monster''s body whole dynamic is relatively large, to production in a lot of trouble, here I am again With the ZBrush, have to say, the number of surface model once too high, adjust directly in 3ds Max inside becomes extremely pain.ZBrush brush tool can greatly simplify this work, due to the smooth brush sake, the wiring model also become very uniform.Fire demon from the chains originally intended to make all entities, but found that the entity will make the picture becomes more broken, so we just kept some entity in the chain after texturing, the other on a patch replaced.


  Finally, the production base, the base is no difficulty, mainly grass on the stone, which means the part inside of Maya Paint Effects tool, which can easily obtain a variety of plants, the effect is also sufficient.


  After adding the plant, part of the model is basically completed.

  My personal habits is to model the completion of about 90%, they begin to divide UV painting texture.Because in the case of many of the details vegan die not intuitive to observe it, if there is in the case of texture, in particular pattern, or the structure of the line, and a proportional, can at a glance.

  Note: The online model is not asking too much with the line, although the player hardware configuration has improved, but for the client as well as the size of the demo feel, fine arts or need sophisticated: If the general NPC province to province, as far as possible with the line on the broad outlines, with some important turning point and the relationship between equipment level; a single world-class BOSS or BOSS, you can add some more appropriate in the number of surface.

  Two, UV Split

  UV division methods and tools There are many models for the low number of faces, and texture requirements placed individuals still prefer to use Maya resolved UV.

  Selection means required split into UV editing menu, ctrl + right mouse button, I choose to shell, and then shift + right mouse button Unfold UVs (FIG).So long as your UV cut free of material misstatement, or not hard-edged model oversized corner, other things can all be in one step, very fast.This Unfold 3D can be done, but the online model is more particular about the pixel, UV leveling, alignment can operate in Maya, so I personally prefer to use Maya.


  Third, draw maps

  In the early to draw maps, in fact, as with painting, you can choose to the inherent color.If during operation to greatly improve work efficiency, part of the original painting can be performed using the Deep Paint original painting projection.As shown below, many of the structures have pinpoint location, probably inherent color is also good, we just need to fix the lighting and details.


  After using the projected results obtained, some people may say as long as the structure inside the red line, then directly dragged into the marquee where the map can also be run to.But the biggest advantage is that it projected when it matches the model, if we find there is a big difference with the model, then you can determine there is a problem in this part of the model body type.

  Oral flame effect can take advantage of similar clouds, like a brush fire, you can get beyond your imagination effect.Select a brush fire on the paved inherent color layers:



  Brush property to change the color of light, color can be.


  Hand-painted model game light source is usually provided in a position above 45 °, the first light source in order to determine the relationship between light and shadow painting accurate, shadow relationship is the foundation of all, there is no good relationship between light and shadow and then a beautiful breakage are also no good.

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