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3DSMAX making simple coffee table Tutorials



  This article is an example of a tutorial on 3ds Max to make a coffee table, tutorials production process is relatively simple, the author through modeling, lighting, rendering sections describe the implementation process for your coffee table, suitable for 3D beginners.

  You must have seen a lot of life in a glass coffee table, then do it yourself for such a glass coffee table, whether you are interested in it?Like they will do it with it.Let us look at renderings:

  3DSMAX制作简单茶几 29教程网

  Production steps are as follows:

  Build a cylinder.


  In the top view spiral construction, the following parameters:


  Create two chamfers pillars in the top view, FIG:


  Create two chamfers pillars in the top view, FIG:


  Select "mentel ray" renderer, click "OK", and then open the Material Editor, select a material ball, click the "Standard" button, select "glass", as shown:


  Double-click the "glass", these are the default parameters, you should not change.Selected glass panel, the material to give it, as shown:


  Then choose a shader.FIG substantially parameters.Selecting the other components, the materials thereof given as:


  Build a cube as a ground material at will, to build two flood lights, trying to tune their own parameters, rendering, complete.Very simple little model, more suitable for early entrance into 3D man practice your hand, as shown:


  Let''s look once the final results:

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