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3DSMAX making Paracete 3D rendering streetscape and practical tutorial



  FIG complete works as follows:

  3DSMAX制作《Paracete》3D街景及渲染 29教程网

  3D production section


  This is a wireframe (FIG. 1, to enlarge), the model describes the part do not need.I like to use the model as simple as possible, working with the most simple and easy method of adjusting.


  Tone control

  First, control of tone and overall feel great, select the appropriate sky this decisive step.I am using a simulated sky cylinder, together with the adjustment of the glass reflector.At the same time, the sky is dark also made some adjustments to fit the glass reflections, rendering parameters are also the most simple, faster.(FIG. 2, FIG. 3, click to enlarge)


  The following is a glass material, together with the adjustment sky.I adjusted to refract color pink, light maps for later cooperation, in order to make the room appear warm light.Figure 4,


  This is another light-colored glass material.Figure 5,


  Light portion

  A perspective angle of the light within the glass material Tietu, ID 1 with a light, the camera can be adjusted corresponding to Tietu.ID 2 is pure black, the analog floor without lights.All glass Tietu are produced in such a way.(FIG. 6, to enlarge)


  The following is the skirt portion of the window and the light-emitting billboards simple.Figure 7


  Small indoor lighting and effects.Figure 8


  Materials and Mapping

  This is a pedestrian street of the material, the use of Tietu draw and adjust RGlossiness, reflect, bump to simulate some wet roads.(FIG. 9, to enlarge)


  This is the material on the road, in fact, done after a lot of time, I do not remember how I did the.(FIG. 10,


  The road map in Figure 11


  Next is the scene of some of the road.The figure is made of neon road, the road surface reflection more interesting.(FIG. 12,


  Here the effect of the road surface reflection lights in order to make better use of Tietu one lamp, and its properties are not visible to the camera.13

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