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3DSMAX making European chair tutorial



  This time to share "European chairs'' modeling process, the effect is as follows:

  3DSMAX制作欧式椅子 三联

  After determining the subject matter, the preparatory work was first performed some pictures from the Internet to find your modeling needs, this model is only a front view of the images Similar.3ds Max opens in the left view or front view (ALT + B) Add your choice of pictures, here to pay attention to match the bitmap, and zoom and pan lock.


  Create a one-sided, width, length, depending on the size of the picture, and then converted into an editable polygon, edges selected in accordance with image hold down the SHIFT shape out of shape, as far as possible to make the shape of the segment with the least.


  Select all the longitudinal edges of the two connecting lines, such as the position of the position image.


  Separating the interior of choices.


  Select external surface separated, according to pull out the picture style.Note that the layout of the line, as far as possible a quadrangle, then extruded highly.


  Select the internal surface of the connection line of separation, and then select all of the cross-sectional surface of the chamfered.


  Then do the soft pack position of the backrest, the same is to create a one-sided (note rational segmentation).To editable polygon, drawing image according to the position, as far as possible the model fit.Select all the faces using insert command to insert a circle at the surface, then the chamfer profile.


  Create a one-sided, mobile location make the approximate location of the upper carved, engraved with the outline shape of the Cut command to delete the unwanted side.Connecting segment then cut command out, made possible quadrangular.


  Select individual faces, chamfered slope height make extrusion molding.


  Selected contour, to a command to copy a mirror, and then delete the unnecessary portion.


  Also create a one-sided, the same methods and carved top, select the face insert command, which needs to be done with a portion carved level, the need to go to the lower side of the spot.



  Select carved internal commands to a base, but also the shape of the weld points.


  Fig selected chamfer profile and rounded right command NURMS.

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