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3DsMAX make the night sky meteor practical three-dimensional animation tutorial



  If the weather is fine at night, looked up, the sky is so beautiful, mysterious, occasionally there will be a few meteor across the night sky, not enough time to make a wish, it will meteor disappeared in the vastness of the sky . Here we use to 3DsMAX production meteor across the night sky the moment of animation.

  Maker: 3DsMAX7.0 Chinese version, other versions similar.End of the article provide original documents for you to download reference.

  Three-dimensional video effects demo

  Production process:

  1, enter "Create" "Geometry" panel, select the drop-down list box "jet" button to create a particle emitter particle system "option, click".Go to the "Create", "Graphics" panel, click the "Line" button to create a line in the left view, Figure 01.

  3DsMAX制作夜空流星三维动画 三联

  01 Creating a straight line

  2, in the view select the particle generator, select "Movie" "position controller" command, click in the expanded submenu "Path Constraint" command, and select a straight line just drawn in the view, then particle emitters will automatically move to the first endpoint of the line.

  3, the particle generator is selected in view, modify the command to enter the panel, then as shown in FIG 02 is provided in FIG Parameters rollout.


  Figure 02 set the parameters

  4, the particle generator and line selection, select "Edit", "View copy" command, the parameter in the copy mode selection dialog box will pop up as "copy", copy."Move" button on the toolbar of the move in the left view, out of the copy with the original part of the entity no longer coincide.Then select Copy out of the straight line in the view, click the "spin" button in the toolbar, proper rotation in the left view.This process is repeated a third copy and edit the particle system and the path 03 shown in FIG..


  FIG 03 Edit path and the third particle system

  5, select the second particles in view of the generator, into the edit panel, with reference to FIG 04 modify the basic parameters shown in.


  FIG 04 modify the basic parameters

  Then 05 modify the basic parameters in the parameter rollout third generator referring to FIG particles.


  FIG 05 modify the basic parameters

  6, the material editor is opened, the first click ball material, the drop-down list box selection Blinn, in "Shader Basic Parameters" parameter rollout shown in FIG. 06, where "Diffuse" and " self-luminous "RGB color values are set to 190,207,255.


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