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3DsMax made of marble flower bed Tutorials



  With the stone industry, from residential to parks everywhere can see all kinds of handicrafts made of marble grinding, they are in different styles, beautiful and practical, give our lives more beautiful.In this example we will use 3DsMAX8.0 making a marble flower bed.

  3DsMax制作大理石花坛 29教程网


  Maker: 3DsMAX8.0, other versions similar steps.

  Production process:

  1, to create a command into the graphical panel, selecting the rectangle tool to create a length of 60 in a front view, a width of the rectangle 140, shown in Figure 01.


  Figure 01

  2, the selection rectangle, right-click in the pop-up menu converted to "editable spline curve", and then adjust the four vertices of the Bezier curve adjustment lever is formed in the side surface shape flower beds, shown in Figure 02.


  Figure 02

  3, into the panel level, the use of "only affects pivot point" command under the "pivot point adjustment" rollout, adjust the side-view silhouette in the top of the pivot point to the center of the flower bed body.(First drawn in a top view a polygonal, because the number of side flower bed is 8, the set number of sides 8, adjust its position and the radius of, seen in top view so that the contour polygon one side and drawn completely overlap, shown in Figure 03.


  Figure 03

  In front view the selected reference line, using "alignment tool" X and Y axes so that the reference line is aligned with the contour lines, the parameter settings shown in Figure 04.


  Figure 04

  Selected contour into the panel level, the use of "Come Into pivot point" under the "pivot point adjustment" rollout command in the use of "Alignment" tool, clicking on the reference line shown in Figure 05 to set the final reference line Removal.)


  Figure 05

  4, the "array" command in the menu bar using a top view, shown in Figure 06 is provided.Click the OK button, the screen effect shown in Figure 07.


  Figure 06 07

  5, optionally wherein a curve, the use of "add-on" command in the "Geometry" rollout, together with all other additional curves.

  6, add "curve" command to enter the "top" sub-object, the selection between respective adjacent vertices cross-section, the use of "geometry" "Fusion" in the command rollout.

  7, to create a radius of a circular shape in the top view 100, the use of the menu bar of the "Align" command center aligned with the contour lines 08 and adjusting the position shown in FIG..


  Figure 08

  8, the selective front contour lines produced, the use of "geometry" "attach" command rollout additional incoming circular.

  9, into the "line" sub-object, select four line segments constituting circular, as shown in FIG. 09.


  Figure 09

  10, use of "geometry" "segment" in the rollout command parameter set to 1, the four line segments is divided into eight segments, and the rotational position aligned with the junction contour, shown in Figure 10.



  11, into the "spline" sub-object, Shift-circular contour of the outer shaft along a copy, as shown in FIG. 11.



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